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White gold is created by an alloy of pure gold mixed with other metals like zinc, copper, nickel or palladium.

White Gold

Edenly offers you a wide selection of diamond jewellery in white gold: engagement rings, wedding rings, earrings, necklacesbracelets.

When we think of gold jewellery we usually think of yellow gold. However, white gold is increasingly popular in jewellery and paires extremely well with diamond jewellery to add that extra sparkle.

White gold is made by adding additional metals to the gold to create an alloy with the right colour and properties. The white gold in all of our white gold jewellery contains 75% gold and then silver copper and palladium.

The metal is coated in a layer of rhodium to make it shimmer, this can become worn although you can always have this topped up in a highstreet jewellers even if you buy the item from an online jeweller.

White Gold Jewellery:


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