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Engagement rings (666 Jewels)

The engagement ring is the most statutory jewel and surely the most important in a woman's life. Like a seal, it seals emotions, feelings, and a meaningful commitment to life. His choice is decisive, since the engagement ring will be worn every day and all life. It is therefore important to identify some criteria of choice to select the model most appropriate to your style and the image of your story

The choice of 18 or 9 carat gold for the engagement ring

A classic choice is naturally 18ct gold. But 9-carat gold, just as resistant, is an increasingly popular choice for a low-cost solution. Consisting of a percentage of gold less important than for 18-carat gold, it provides access to a very good design-price-quality ratio.

The different gold colors of the engagement ring

This choice is essentially according to the taste and preference of the elected. The choice of the gold color of the gold engagement ring will often be decisive for the choice of gold alliance color. Yellow gold is a jewelry classic. This golden color is perfect for a warm complexion. White gold is a more contemporary choice that will sublimate the white flashes of a loner. The pink gold, it is characterized by its originality and its soft and harmonious shade against the skin.

Solitaire, trilogy or halo ring

There are usually three types of engagement rings: solitaire, trilogy, or halo. The solitaire "classic" consists of a central stone, often mounted on claws, but also available in a more modern closed version. This solitaire can also be accompanied by crimped on the ring to enhance flicker.

The trilogy, it is composed of 3 stones often of the same size, symbol of an eternal love, the 3 stones symbolizing past, present and future.

Finally, the halo engagement ring model is composed of a center stone, whether a diamond or a precious stone, haloed with one or even two halos set, which sublimate as much the size as the brilliance of the central stone. A very elegant and elegant model for an exceptional engagement ring.

Diamond, Sapphire, Emerald, or Ruby

The diamond, stone of eternity, has the advantage of being a very resistant stone perfect for an engagement ring that will be worn daily. To choose it, you will have to take into account the criteria of 4C, which are:

1 / the cartage (the carat is the unit of measure, it will thus inform the size of the stone);

2 / Color (the degree of whiteness and transparency that is measured in letters: the letter D represents perfection, i.e. the absence of color, the Z is the one awarded if there is more yellow);

3 / Clarity (its degree of purity, i.e. lack of inclusion),

and finally 4 / the cup, i.e. cut in round shape, pear, marquise, emerald, or cushion.

Edenly uses only colorless or almost colorless diamonds whose possible inclusions are not visible to the naked eye.

Other precious and colourful stones can be an original alternative and cheaper than diamonds. For an engagement ring with Sapphire, Emerald or Ruby, it will be important to choose also the cut and the cartage, but also the hue. There are indeed significant variations of green for emerald, and deep blue for Sapphire. The Rubies also offers a wide red palette, ranging from a fuchsia pink to a Burgundy red.

Small budgets?

Edenly wanted to be a universal brand, accessible to all, and therefore also offers a selection of engagement ring for smaller budgets. Engagement rings that combine a soft price with excellent quality, guaranteed by the certificate of authenticity that accompanies each engagement ring.

Draw me an engagement ring

And because your story and your love is unique, Edenly has developed an online authoring tool to help you create a unique engagement ring pattern that reflects your image. A customization made possible thanks to a 3D modelling, which shows you the most faithfully the rendering of your engagement ring. Its use is easy and fun, and allows you to define all the criteria you want. Gradually, the engagement ring is drawn and tells you the associated budget You can at any time control it by varying the size of the stone, the cartage of gold, and the options you have selected. Moreover, despite its uniqueness, your custom engagement ring remains, just like the Edenly collection, fully refundable within 30 days.

Solitaire Ring Salty Flower - one ring - yellow gold - 0.08 carat - 9 carat
Double Halo Engagement Ring - 0.25 carat diamond - white gold 18 carats
Fleur de Sel - Pearly Tear - 9K white gold and diamonds
Ring Destiny Solitaire - Diva - white gold - large size - 0.15 carat - 18 carat
Precious Nest Solitaire - Ondine - 0.4 carat diamond -white gold 18 carats
Eternal Edelweiss Ring - Daisy Illusion - Sapphire and Diamonds - 18 carat White Gold