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Engagement rings (775 Jewels)

The engagement ring is the most regarded and symbolic piece of jewellery in a woman's life. Like a seal, it captures emotions, memories, and an eternal commitment. The choice of engagement ring is, therefore, crucial, since this piece will be worn every day throughout life. The engagement ring is a piece of jewellery where the term "precious" encompasses much more than just precious stones and metals. It is, therefore, important to identify the criteria that’s important to you when selecting a style that reflects your history and your tastes. Doing this will help you choose the perfect engagement ring.

History and Tradition of Engagement Rings

The tradition of offering a ring at engagement dates back to Roman antiquity. At that time, an iron ring was placed on the left ring finger because it was thought that a vein connected this finger directly to the heart. In the Middle Ages, during engagement, both men and women exchanged a simple ring without a precious stone. It is said that the first woman to wear gold and diamond jewellery was Agnes of Sorel (1422-1450), mistress of Charles VII. The tradition of wearing a solitaire diamond dates back to this period: Archduke Maximilian of Habsburg gave one to Mary of Burgundy in 1477. The diamond, an extremely resilient stone, became the symbol of marital fidelity. The engagement ring symbolises the promise of marriage.

The engagement ring is usually adorned with a diamond solitaire on a gold setting that can be accompanied by other brilliant gemstones to enhance it.

Choose Your Engagement Ring

Choosing 18 or 9 Karat Gold for the Engagement Ring

The classic choice is, of course, 18 karat gold, which is the most commonly adopted gold purity for the manufacture of an engagement ring. However, 9 karat gold, which is just as resilient, is an increasingly common choice for a lower-cost solution. With a lower percentage of gold than 18 karat gold, it still offers a very good design/quality/price ratio.

The Different Colours of Gold for the Engagement Ring

This choice is essentially made according to the taste and preference of the betrothed. The choice of the colour of gold engagement ring will often be decisive for the choice of the gold colour of the wedding ring, in order to ensure they are optimally complementarity. Yellow gold is a classic in jewellery. This gold colour is perfect for a warm complexion. As for white gold, it is a more contemporary choice that will redirect the white sparkles of a solitaire. Pink gold, on the other hand, is characterised by its originality and its soft and harmonious shade against the skin.

Solitaire, Trilogy, or Halo Engagement Ring

There are generally three types of engagement rings: the solitaire, the trilogy, and the halo.

-The solitaire engagement ring is a "classic" that consists of a central stone, often mounted on claws, or in a more modern, closed-set version. This solitaire can also be accompanied by settings on the ring to enhance the sparkle.

- The trilogy engagement ring is composed of three stones, often of the same size, with the three stones symbolising an eternal love spanning the past, present, and future.

- The halo engagement ring is comprised of a central stone, either a diamond or other precious stone, haloed with one or even two sets, which enhances both the cut and the brilliance of the central stone. This is a very elegant style, full of panache, for an exceptional engagement ring.

Diamond, Sapphire, Emerald, or Ruby for Setting the Engagement Ring

The diamond, a stone representing eternity, has the advantage of being a very resilient stone that is perfect for an engagement ring that will be worn daily. Diamond is the most common gemstone used to decorate engagement rings.

In order to choose the right diamond for your engagement ring, you will have to take into account the 4C criteria:

1.The caratage (the carat is the unit of measurement for diamonds; it will, thus, inform the size of the stone).

2.The colour (the degree of whiteness and transparency, which is measured by letter; the letter D represents perfection, i.e. the absence of colour, and the letter Z is used if there is more yellow in the gemstone).

3.The clarity (its degree of purity, i.e. lack of inclusion).

4.The cutting (the shape of the stone, i.e. cutting the stone into round, pear, marquise, emerald, or cushion shapes).

Edenly only uses colourless, or almost colourless, diamonds which possible inclusions are not visible to the naked eye.

Other precious and coloured stones can be a unique and less expensive alternative to diamond. For an engagement ring with sapphire, emerald, or ruby, it will be just as important to choose the cut and caratage, but also the colour. There are, indeed, important variations of green for emeralds, and depth of blue for sapphires. Rubies also offer a wide range of reds, from a fuchsia pink, to a burgundy red.

The Edenly's Engagement Ring

An Engagement Ring by Edenly Creators

Edenly is a jeweller specialising in gold and diamonds. It is, therefore, natural that the range of engagement rings we offer is rich in styles, featuring a variety of engagement rings that allows anyone to find a piece of jewellery adapted to their tastes, all while maintaining the aesthetic identity of Edenly. Throughout the seasons, find new engagement ring creations in the Edenly catalogue.

Edenly is a universal jewellery brand, accessible to all, offering a selection of engagement rings for budgets larger and smaller. We create engagement rings that combine an attractive price with excellent quality, guaranteed by a certificate of authenticity that accompanies each piece. Plus, Edenly ensures free delivery of engagement rings.

Since we sell our engagement ring creations exclusively online, Edenly is able to reduce distribution costs, allowing us to provide beautiful jewellery at fantastic prices.

Edenly jewellery is created by designers who are inspired by the storied world of the Garden of Eden, an inexhaustible source of imagination. Each engagement ring is made in our workshop by experienced jewellers.

The Custom-Made and Personalised Engagement Ring

Because each story is unique, Edenly has developed an online creation tool to allow you to give life to a unique engagement ring style. This personalisation is made possible thanks to 3D modelling, which shows you the most accurate rendering of your engagement ring. Easy and fun to use, this tool allows you to define all the criteria you need, such as the choice of gold, stone type, and size. As you go along, the engagement ring will take shape and show you the associated budget. You can adjust it at any time by varying the size of the stone, the carat of the gold, and the options you have chosen. Moreover, despite its uniqueness, your custom-made engagement ring remains, just like with all Edenly collections, fully refundable within 30 days.
Solitaire Precious Nest - Twig - white gold 9 carats and diamond
Destiny - Appoline Engagement Ring - 9K White Gold and Diamonds
Trilogia ring - 3 golds and diamonds
Precious Nest Solitaire - Ondine - 0.4 carat diamond -white gold 18 carats
Trianon engagement ring - 18K white gold and diamonds