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Earrings Salty Flower - Circle - Yellow Gold

How to choose your pair of earrings?

The earrings are the notorious attribute of a look and a personality, since they immediately emphasize the face and are an integral part of this portrait. Simple and discreet earrings will indeed reflect a classic style, while unlike over-sized hoop earrings or creative earrings will associate with a more couture style. It is therefore important to discern the different types of pairs of earrings that are available to you.

There is indeed a real typology of earrings models, which are organized into 3 main categories: chips, pendants, or creoles.

If flea earrings are the most common, they are also the easiest to wear, because often more discreet. They are positioned on the lobe of the ear without exceeding it. It is often a gold motif, such as a heart, a flower, a knot or a spangle, or a gemstone. As such, the earrings diamond chip remain the inescapable and bestselling model of jewelery as jewelery. These earrings come indeed bring a touch of brilliance and distinction to the face.

The earrings, known as pendants, are models suspended from the earlobe, which go down the along the neck. They bring movement and a touch of delicate femininity to the face.

Finally, the creoles, these rings more or less thick, more or less large diameter, eternal symbol exotic, that fashion lovers revisit each season. The creoles are available in all-gold, yellow gold, white gold or rose gold versions, and gold and diamond versions.

Why (s) offer a pair of gold earrings?

The earrings are one-size-size jewels and therefore represent an ideal and easy gift, provided that the person to whom they are addressed has pierced ears. As such, piercing ears should be done at a professional (institute or jeweler) or even in some pharmacies, which will provide a protocol and the use of healthy equipment and sterilized.

Less declarative and statutory than a ring, the earrings will prove to be an ideal gift, both precious, feminine, and therefore of all occasions.

With our search filter, you can easily find gold earrings to suit your budget and depending on the types of model’s chip, dangling, or Creole.

Edenly also facilitates your purchase by offering free shipping, free exchange, and refund for 30 days. The brand also offers you a 20% discount on the purchase of your second jewel, whether it's a second pair of earrings or any other Edenly jewel.

Mini Creole Earrings - Paved Tears - 9K white gold and diamonds
Lauriers de Gloire Earrings - 18K White Gold and Diamonds