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Gold Jewellery (14502 Jewels)

Destiny Ring - Constancy - 9K white gold and diamonds

Edenly, a generous and precious jewellery selection.

Like a lush garden filled with fairy tales, the jewellery store Edenly offers a variety and abundance of gold and diamond jewellery, which will satisfy everyone's preferences. The brand has more than 10,000 models, divided among the different categories of jewellery: wedding rings, rings, engagement rings, necklaces, pendants, solitaire, chains, bracelets and earrings. Each of these features’ models in yellow gold, white gold, or rose gold, in polished or brushed finishes, with or without diamonds, in crimped or paved patterns. The Edenly collection is mainly composed of female jewellery models, but it also has mixed and masculine jewellery, such as wedding rings, medals and chains. A line of children's jewellery has also emerged with medals, pendants and chain bracelets with pure and light design, inspired by nature and a delicate animal world, with butterflies, ladybugs and other fairy creatures.

How to choose and find your jewel?

You will be able to discover and select your jewels, by informing your selection criteria (type of jewel, metal, golden colours, with or without diamonds, cartage, budget) thanks to our search filters. You will also be able to stroll with our trendy collections, inspired by a Nature and a magical imagination, such as Enchanted Garden, Eternal Edelweiss, Sacred Jungle, Mysterious Wood and many others. You will then be able to appreciate in each of these collections’ creations declined in ring, necklace and earrings, for a finery effect. Whether in a sober and classic style, or more creative and original, our Edenly jewellery keeps all this precious and timeless.

Why (s) offer a jewel?

To offer a jewel is to choose a precious gift, very emotionally. It conveys all the attention, the affection and the tenderness that you bring to the one to whom it is intended. A gold and diamond jewel will further testify the preciousness of your relationship, whether affective or romantic. He will seal it even for life, and even more if the jewel becomes an emotional legacy that is passed from generation to generation.

Whether to celebrate a wedding, an engagement, a birth, a baptism, or simply a loved one during a Valentine's Day or a birthday, Edenly strives to offer you the unique jewel that will accompany and sublimate this great event.

If necklaces, bracelets or earrings are the ideal gift jewels since they are one size fits all, offering a ring remains the prestige gift, with strong symbolism. The problem of the size of the ring disappears with Edenly, which offers you the exchange as the free size discount.

Edenly expertise, a guarantee of quality.

Edenly is a brand dedicated to the creation and sale of gold and diamond jewellery for 10 years.

Quickly recognized for the quality of its jewels, the seriousness of its service, and its respectful prices, it has gained an undisputed expertise from more than 100,000 clients throughout Europe. His satisfaction rate and the multitude of opinions of convinced customers testify of his jeweller know-how and his professionalism.

Each jewel is inspected in a workshop and certified: Edenly's gold jewellery is all hallmarked, precious stones and diamonds are all of natural origin, extracted under ethical and responsible conditions who respect the Kimberley process. Each stone greater than 0.5 carat is accompanied by its GIA certificate.

Edenly has also won the trust of its customers thanks to a practice of fair and respectful prices, optimized thanks to a manufacture and a direct supply to the diamond dealers, and a sale exclusively on the Internet channel. This fair and reasonable price policy is a real commitment on the part of Edenly, which ensures the refund of the difference if you find a similar model at a cheaper price. There are also other benefits such as free shipping, free exchange and free delivery, and a 30-day money back guarantee.

Wedding Ring Saturn Movement - large model - 3 golds, 3 rings
Ring Freshness - Arabesque variation - white gold 18 carats and diamonds
Earrings Abundance - Cupid - white gold 9 carats and diamonds
Couture ring white gold paved - 11diamonds
Ring Enchanted Garden - Braid - yellow gold - 18 carat
Necklace Abundance - Eve - white gold 9 carats and diamonds