Women’s Wedding Rings (597)

Since before recorded time, wedding rings worn by women have been the same as those worn by men, representing an eternal love and a pledge of commitment and fidelity. Unlike the engagement ring, however, which is often adorned with a diamond, women's wedding rings are traditionally characterised by a gold ring, which circular shape is said to symbolise eternity. The wedding ring for both a woman and a man is, therefore, the symbol of a union that is made official at the wedding ceremony. Two circles that combine to form one, in both the literal and figurative sense.

Choosing a Wedding Ring for Women

Over time, fashion has invited creativity in the design of this singular piece of jewellery, which now also has its share of originality. However, before deciding on a style, you should bear in mind that the wedding ring will be worn by your wife for many years to come. Classical and timeless models will never go out of style, while a more original wedding ring should be chosen after taking time to reflect on the tastes and personalities of both the man and woman. Wedding rings that unite two people should, therefore, be aesthetically similar and complementary. In other words, these two rings must share a similar style to fit together better. Edenly offers a range of feminine and masculine wedding rings, providing jewellery that expresses a common love through its design.

It can be difficult to decide on a wedding ring for a woman. Even if the colour of gold is a certainty (yellow gold or white gold, even pink gold), the eternal dilemma arises as to the shape, the pattern, the presence of diamond or not. The important thing is to match it to the engagement ring, and even to the man’s ring. The choice of band -- simple or interlaced -- also arises. Shape, too, can be standard, ribbon, or domed for classic rings. The width for gold wedding rings is mainly evaluated according to the length of the hand. The shorter the fingers, the thinner the ring should be. The standard width for a woman is 2 or 3 millimetres; but, for strong hands, the width should be increased to 4 millimetres, for example, so that the ring is well-proportioned. As for diamond wedding rings for women, it is important to know that diamonds will keep their brilliance for life, with a minimum of maintenance (you have to clean your jewellery from time to time), unlike a shiny, gold ring, which will be patinated and made slightly matte by use. A woman's wedding ring is the most prized piece of jewellery, so it is important to choose a ring that reflects the one who will wear it, ensuring that it matches her personality, and the other jewellery she usually wears.

Edenly: Your Women’s Wedding Ring Specialist

Edenly is a specialist in the creation of gold and diamond jewellery. We sell original jewellery creations that come straight from the imagination of Edenly’s designers. Our imagination is inspired by the Garden of Eden, blending fauna and flora, finesse and voluptuousness, universality and creativity. Edenly designers, thus, design wedding ring styles so that every woman can find a piece that reflects her personality. Edenly’s women's wedding rings are made in our workshop by experienced jewellers who respect the traditions of jewellery design.

Because each love story is unique, each deserves to be symbolised by a unique piece of jewellery. Edenly offers a tool for creating a custom-made wedding ring for women. Create, which is the name of this online tool, provides you the ability to design a fully customisable women's wedding ring. From the choice of gold to the size of the precious stones, it is possible to design and create your personalised women's wedding ring at any price point.

Edenly is committed to the quality of its products, to the breadth of its selection of wedding rings for women, and to the quality of its customer service. To guarantee this, we are totally committed to the satisfaction of our customers throughout their entire shopping experience. That’s why Edenly ensures free delivery and free returns. To make sure you select the ideal ring size, Edenly can send a ring-maker to your home, free-of-charge, so you can determine the exact size of the Edenly ring you need. If the size of your women’s wedding ring does not suit you, you can return or exchange it, free-of-charge.

If you need advice on choosing your women's wedding ring, Edenly’s customer service can answer all your questions. To do so, you can contact an advisor directly via our live chat or e-mail. Your adviser will be able to answer all your questions concerning the choice of your women’s wedding ring.

If you are looking for a quality wedding ring for women at the right price, choose Edenly!

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