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The ring: this gem witnessing a story

The ring is the jewel that carries an emotion and a story in it: it often refers to a strong moment, an event, a declaration of feelings that we wanted to anchor and celebrate. They are therefore witnessing of a personal life, marked by birthdays, successes, engagements, marriages, births, or inheritances. On all these occasions and for all these different personal stories, there is an infinity of styles and styles. Edenly has made this bet to support its customers for all these different chapters of life and offers as such a variety and an abundance of models. Edenly rings are exclusively made of gold and diamonds, to make this jewel as precious as these precious moments of life are.

Which ring model to choose?

Edenly ring patterns are available in gold, yellow gold, gold and pink gold, as well as stones, diamonds or gemstones such as emerald, ruby, or sapphire, in center stone or paving. The choice of the golden color can be guided by the desired gemstone nature. If the white of the diamond is more sublime with a frame in white gold, the yellow gold frames, warmer and softer shades will be more suitable for other colors of stones such as ruby. The pink gold will have the advantage of being the softest shade and harmonious with the color of the skin.

It is then necessary to differentiate the models according to their design and proportions: Edenly proposes indeed as many models of fine rings as of wide rings. Creative or more classic, the style will depend on your personality, the morphology of your hand and your fingers, and the occasion to celebrate.

But beyond the gold rings and diamonds statutory, Edenly also offers many more couture and contemporary models, with graphic forms and openwork, with simple paving, for younger jewelry and to wear every day. The range also has a wide variety of heart rings, so delicate and tenderly declarative. Finally, Edenly also offers a selection of men's rings and mixed rings to wear to two.

How to know the ring size?

Unlike bracelets, necklaces and earrings, the ring is not a "one size fits all" jewel. It must be the size of the finger of the person to whom it is intended. It is therefore necessary to know which finger will be worn and to know the appropriate metric. We recommend that you use our size guide on each product listing in the "Ring Size" section. However, in the event of a selected metric error and for more comfort in your purchase, Edenly offers you the free size discount and you have 30 days to benefit from the refund. Finally, as there are so many opportunities to celebrate, Edenly offers you 20% off the second jewel: an opportunity to trim up to your 10 fingers rings or choose a model in duplicate to bring it to two!

Edenly: The demand for quality and your satisfaction.

The Edenly brand has been offering rings, wedding rings and solitaires for more than 10 years, all made with the same attention and the rules of the jeweler's art within our workshops. As such, they are certified and have a 2-year warranty.

Each jewel is a testament to the quality and the meticulous know-how of our teams. Throughout its manufacture, your gold and diamond ring are subject to our quality tests, whether for the quality of gold, rhodium, polishing and crimping. The gold used by Edenly for the manufacture of her jewelry was hallmarked, thus certifying its quality and its preciousness. Edenly diamonds are natural stones and come with a certificate guaranteeing their authenticity and quality. Edenly is a committed brand, its diamonds are extracted under conditions ethical and responsible, respectful of the working conditions and the human, and do not come from a war zone.

Most Edenly models are unique and registered creations, which convey this DNA of the brand, imbued with a magical imaginary strong and delicate.

Our team remains at your disposal to guide you and accompany you in your choice and for any questions.

Valentine ring - 9K white gold and diamonds
Eternal Edelweiss Ring - Sapphire and Diamonds - 18 carat White Gold
Destiny Ring - Philippine - 18K white gold and diamonds
Ring Enchanted Garden - Braid - rose gold - 9 carat
Ring Enchanted Garden - Braid - yellow gold - 18 carat
Ring Salty Flower - white gold - 18 carat