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La Maison Edenly

Expertise, Emotion et Ethics

Ever since its creation in Geneva 15 years ago, Edenly's aim has been to offer you the very best in jewellery at affordable prices.

Today we count more than 40,000 satisfied customers per year, as a result of our constant search for excellence. Our company provides certified quality, best prices and a broad range of designs.

To help you make the right choice, our team is at your disposal, either online or in our Parisian boutique.

With Edenly, enter the world of jewellery... at its best.

« Our unwavering mission is continuous improvement. »
, Founder.

Unparalleled Quality... Perfected

« For over 15 years, our skilled craftsmen have meticulously crafted countless gold jewelry pieces in our workshops. The expertise of our artisans ensures the unrivaled quality of every Edenly collection. »
, Director of workshops


going Beyond Expectations

At Edenly, we strive for beauty and authenticity in every piece. To ensure your utmost satisfaction, we have implemented stringent quality measures.

In addition to the custom and master hallmarks , that guarantee the gold's purity and identify the manufacturer, each jewelry item comes with an Edenly certificate of authenticity. Moreover, we meticulously certify all our diamonds through the Kimberley Process, ensuring responsible sourcing and superior quality.

Every jewelry piece is assigned a unique identifier, allowing you to trace its entire history. An RFID tag and tamper-evident label safeguard its journey from the workshop to your doorstep.

To ensure your jewelry's longevity, we guarantee it to be hypoallergenic and plated with a thick 10-micron layer of rhodium, providing lasting brilliance.


unmatched Service

We believe that jewelry is not merely a product but a timeless treasure accompanying you throughout life. Diamonds are eternal; gold can be endlessly recycled without losing its splendor. At Edenly, our jewelry is designed to be your lifelong companion.

All our jewelry pieces are legally warranted for 2 years against defects and concealed flaws. Furthermore, we are committed to going above and beyond to satisfy you.

For our white gold pieces, we offer complimentary rhodium plating for the first 2 years. In case of any accidents or incidents, our workshops perform repairs at cost price to restore your precious jewelry.


your gold specialists

At Edenly, we operate two workshops in the Paris region of France and Hamburg, Germany, dedicated to meeting all your jewelry needs. Whether you require cleaning, repairs, resizing, refurbishment, or stone setting, our passionate artisans are here to serve you.

We take great pride in our work, ensuring the utmost care for our products daily. As gold experts, we offer repair services for all your gold jewelry, even those not purchased from Edenly.

We understand the significance of your jewelry, regardless of whether it is new or aged, and we are devoted to assisting you in maintaining its pristine condition. Entrust us with your jewelry, and we will restore its beauty and radiance.

Unmatched Affordability... Perfected

« Providing a better product and service at a more affordable price results from hard work, company size, the absence of intermediaries, and a dedicated approach. »
, financial director


with even more options

Our goal is to offer you the most competitive prices. If you find a lower price elsewhere, we will refund the difference.

Our prices are updated monthly, ensuring we always provide you with the best deals based on gold and diamond prices. Additionally, each week, we select four incredible products at unbeatable prices for a limited time until Sunday.


and more...

We enjoy offering you additional services and assure you that everything is included in our offers. From engraving to free resizing, complimentary cases, and fast, reliable free delivery, we strive to make your shopping experience as enjoyable as possible.

But that's not all. When you order your second Edenly piece, we offer you a 20% discount. Moreover, our loyalty program allows you to accumulate points valid for one year, even during promotions. We value your trust in our brand and express our gratitude through exclusive benefits.


we adapt to your needs and desires

Our extensive range of gold jewelry caters to all budgets, ranging from €50 to €50,000. Available in 9-karat (375/1000) or 18-karat (750/1000) gold, our collection also features diamonds from HSI to D-Flawless, lab-grown, and other precious stones.

Nous nous engageons à vous aider à trouver le bijou de vos rêves, même si vous avez un budget limité. Si vous ne trouvez pas votre bonheur parmi notre sélection, pas de panique, nous pouvons le fabriquer pour vous.

We are committed to helping you find the jewelry of your dreams, irrespective of your budget. If you cannot find your desired piece in our selection, worry not; we can create it exclusively. To simplify your life, we offer the option of paying in 4 installments, completely fee-free, for those unexpected finds. At Edenly, we are dedicated to transforming your jewelry dreams into reality.

Unmatched Variety... Perfected

« We believe in personalization and empowering each individual to find their unique jewel—a piece that truly resonates with their soul.»
, Website Director


to meet all your needs

We firmly believe that everyone deserves a jewelry piece that reflects their individuality. Hence, we offer an extensive range of over 10,000 models to fulfill all your desires across Europe.


exchange or refund

Your complete satisfaction is paramount to us, so we offer you the freedom to return any jewelry you have purchased within 60 days of delivery.

You can decide whether it's for an exchange, refund, or discount. This policy applies to engraved jewelry and Atelier pieces as well.


Craft Your Jewel

Since our establishment in 2008, we have been at the forefront of online customization.

Initially specializing in wedding rings, our workshop now extends personalization services to all our jewelry pieces. With Edenly Yours, our personalized service, you can design your jewelry from start to finish, selecting various components according to your preferences.

Through our intuitive interface, you can quickly visualize the final result. Celebrate every significant moment in your life with Edenly Yours, from medals to bracelets. Of course, our team is always available to help you create the jewelry of your dreams.

Jewellery to match your
tailor-made expectations

And we've always made one-off pieces on request. Our teams are at your service to create the jewellery of your dreams.

Discover the concept


Paris - Hambourg - edenly.com

Understanding the importance of choice, we offer multiple solutions to cater to your needs. If you are in Paris or Hamburg, we invite you to experience our beautiful boutiques, where our universe comes to life. For those unable to visit, our team of jewelry experts is ready to guide you through a live video appointment right from the comfort of your home.

Still uncertain?

Order multiple pieces and select the one that resonates with you the most. We strive to make your shopping experience as delightful and effortless as possible.

Unmatched Experience... Perfected

« We bear witness to your moments of joy. To enhance this experience, we bring professionalism, availability, and genuine care. »
, Director of Customer Experience


“100% satisfied”

We take immense pride in the many satisfied customer testimonials we have received on our website and across various platforms (Google: 4.7 for the site, 4.8 for the store).

Providing impeccable service is our commitment, but if, for any reason you find yourself less than completely satisfied; we are here to assist you. We take your concerns seriously and work diligently to find the best solution, whether through an exchange, refund, or alternative options that suit your needs.


and enchanting extras

We believe jewelry encompasses the piece and the accompanying magical touches, creating everlasting moments.

With this belief in mind, we offer an array of carefully curated jewelry cases, flower boxes, and custom words, adding a charming touch to your experience. From selecting jewelry to opening your box, we endeavor to make your journey with us truly unforgettable.


even if your jewelry isn't from Edenly

We want your experience with us to be exceptional, regardless of the origin of your jewelry.

That's why we extend our services to accommodate all your long-term needs, including refurbishing, repairs, transformations, and more…

With our team of professionals and experts, we take care of your gold jewelry, even if it was not purchased from Edenly..


on-site or remotely

Our dedicated team of consultants is here to support you at every step of your journey. Whether you require guidance or information, we can answer all your questions via phone, chat, email, or in person at our Paris Opera and Hamburg boutiques. Our commitment to providing professional, caring, and attentive service remains unwavering.

With a presence in numerous European countries, including France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, and Switzerland, we cater to a wide audience. Our website is available in 8 languages, ensuring a pleasant and effortless online shopping experience.

Unmatched Ethics... Perfected

« Our work holds profound meaning, and we take immense pride in our commitments. »
, CSR Director


a responsible approach

We embrace a responsible approach, extending to our customers, employees, service providers, and the environment. Aware of our impact on the planet, we undertake daily actions to reduce our ecological footprint. These actions include utilizing recycled materials, optimizing energy consumption, and minimizing carbon and plastic usage throughout our workshops.

In our manufacturing processes, we continually strive for improvement, carefully selecting stones and optimizing the purchase of recycled gold. We are proud of our dedication to a more sustainable world.

Report 2023

Towards a ... better jewelry

At Edenly, our commitment to the environment and social responsibility is at the heart of our identity.

Edenly is above all the sum of all those who contribute every day to make your visit with us a flawless encounter and experience, based on quality, transparency, exchange, and trust.

see our complete 2023 report


fully offset

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Impact Labs in launching the 0-carbon project.

We have assessed our annual carbon footprint and implemented measures to reduce it. We contribute to responsible associations that share our long-term vision to offset the remaining emissions. Consequently, every purchase you make at Edenly is already fully compensated. For further information regarding our customer compensation approach, please contact us.


for everlasting jewelry

At Edenly, we promote responsible consumption and strive to offer lifetime jewelry. Our creations are meticulously designed for durability. If you ever require repairs, our workshops are ready to assist you at a cost price, even after the 2-year warranty period.

Furthermore, we extend our repair services to gold jewelry from other establishments to reduce the industry's environmental impact. Should you possess jewelry you no longer wear, we even offer the option to repurchase it in exchange for a wire transfer or an Edenly voucher, further bolstering our recycled gold supply.

Additionally, we are currently developing a project to enable the sale of second-hand gold jewelry on our website. At Edenly, we remain committed to a more sustainable and responsible future.

Edenly's commitment to a harmonious world

We have set up an ethical programme with "Ensemble soutenons", which brings together our solidarity actions since 2017. With a sincere desire to improve everything that can be improved.

Our programme

At Edenly, we acknowledge that there is always room for improvement. Therefore, we welcome your suggestions and comments at [email protected]