With a gold bracelet, you are at her hand, you are in her thoughts.

Gold Bracelets

Our Gold Bracelets

Edenly gold bracelets are subtle, elegant and distinguished. 


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A gold bracelet is the perfect present for success in an exam, a professional promotion or a new direction in life.

When to Offer a Gold Bracelet

A bracelet is the perfect gift for celebrating a success, thanking or congratulating somebody.
Rose Valmain from Bordeaux shared her personal story with us, about her gold bracelet:

"I had been offered the job of my dreams: managing the production of games for children. The catch was that I would have to move house, leave my town and my friends and family behind. Happy and sad at the same time, I organised a leaving-do with my closest friends. I wanted to have one last classic party, just like all of the others to stop me from thinking too much about having to leave before it was time. Everything was normal, lots of laughs, a wonderful meal and the usual pleasant atmosphere. During the dessert, one of my friends handed me a package, saying it was from everyone. What a surprise! I wasn't expecting anything! And so, I left with my gold bracelet, a solid piece fronted with diamonds, and together we started our new life. I often look at it, and think of my friends and that beautiful evening, and my previous life in Bordeaux."

With a gold bracelet, you are at her hand, and in her thoughts.

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Edenly Gold Bracelets

Edenly gold bracelets come in gold and diamonds.
The gold is always 18 carat, and the diamonds are certified of their quality.

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