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General Sales Conditions

Article 1: Intro and Contact

1.1 Introduction
The present general sales conditions apply exclusively between Edenly SA, 15 bis rue des Alpes, 1201 Geneva, SUISSE, with a capital of 100 000 CHF  (that is, "Us") and every individual who visits and buys via our Internet site www.edenly.com. (that is, "You").
Every internet can have access to these general sales conditions found on the website www.edenly.com (that is, "our Site"). These general sales conditions are subject to modification, and so the applicable conditions are those listed on the website at the time when your order is processed.
1.2 Contact
If you would like to contact us, you can reach us:
- by phone: Monday to Friday, from 9 AM to 7 PM (local time in London): (0)20 3445 0980 (price of a local call)
- by email: [email protected]
- online: Contac Us
Publishing director: Edwin Suzor, Edenly SA,15 bis rue des Alpes, 1201 Geneva, SUISSE
Website host: Internet-fr SA, 2-12, chemin des Femmes, 91886 Massy Cedex, FRANCE

Article 2: Contract

2.1 Conditions for submitting an order
- You declare yourself a person of at least 18 years with the legal authorization or the signed permission of a parent that allows you to place an order on the website.
- Your actions are for your personal needs
- You unequivocally accept these general sales conditions
If one of these three conditions is not fulfilled, you are not authorized to use this site to place an order
2.2 Order
After placing your order, we send you a confirmation e-mail. We then contact you by telephone. Finally we contact you to inform you on the delivery of your products.
Your will include order a bill addressed to you.

Article 3: Price, Availability, Delivery and Tax

3.1 Price
The prices listed on the site are in euros and include all French taxes (VAT and other applicable taxes)as well as transportation, processing, and packaging costs; and including the cases in which every order is delivered.
We reserve the right to modify our prices at any time without prior notice. Products that have already been ordered will be billed according to the listed price at the time of ordering.

Despite all efforts, it is possible that a product on our Site has a price error. In such a case, We inform You and proceed to cancellation of your order unless you accept to get the item at its rectified price.
The «boutique prices» listed on our site correspond to the prices established by stores in France for identical products, or prices at which we think a comparable product would be offered in a store in France and in accordance with our price evaluation methods. We are in no way responsible for the indicative price.
3.2 Availability and delivery
For every product, we inform you of the standard delivery date on the website's information page. This date is an indicative date. In case of delay with respect to specified date, you will be contacted by e-mail and/or by phone as soon as we have the necessary information. Furthermore, you will benefit from a gift certificate in case of delay, described in article 3.3
In the event that you choose to pay by wire transfer or by telephone, your order will only be processed when your payment is received and the date of delivery will be delayed accordingly.
If, despite our efforts, a product could not be delivered, We will inform You by e-mail and/or by telephone as quickly as possible and your order will be cancelled without it requiring any kind of compensation besides a refund on your order.
3.3  European Community Customs
With the order being sent from France, no toll rights apply within the European Community.

3.4 Customs duties for countries outside the European Community
Deliveries outside the European Community are subject to local taxes, customs duties or customs presentation taxes. It will be possible to prepay these expenses except for a couple of countries where these will have to be settled by the recipient on parcel delivery. In such a case, it is not possible to predict the exact total amount of fees the recipient will pay.Following a cancellation request by the customer, products already shipped and / or released will be reimbursed while deducting expenses incurred. Edenly does not reimburse the duties or taxes even if they have been prepaid. Our customers can contact us to obtain the procedure for reimbursement of these costs from their customs.The refusal to pay local taxes, customs duties or presentation fees to customs leads to a recall of the order back to France and the cancellation of the order. Expenses incurred will be deducted from reimbursement.


Article 4: Payment

4.1 Possible methods of payment
You can pay by credit card (Visa/Mastercard), bank transfer, Paypal or by telephone.
Information for enacting payment (address, total, order no.) are indicated on the confirmation pages of the order and should be respected carefully so that the order is processed.
4.2 Payment Refusal and Order Cancellation
For security reasons, we reserve the right to refuse payments and thus cancel orders
- for bank cards issued from banks residing outside the European Community
- for cheques not written in euros drawn from a bank residing outside of the European Community
- for transfers originating in banks residing outside of the European Community
- for a non-referenced delivery address, hotels or postal boxes
- if we are not able to reach the person who has placed the order
- for any doubt on the good intention of the order


Article 5: Returns And Refunds

5.1 Situations necessitating a return
Three situations can yield a return with refund for your product :
- Your fourteen (14) day right to rescind as provided by the law without a justifying motive.
- In case of delivery of an item that dos not correspond with your order or has been damaged during transport
- Up to until 60 days after delivery, We give you the opportunity to return the ordered items if they do not meet entirely satisfy you for a refund, exchange, or resizing. After 60 days, no exchange or refund will be accepted.
When ordering several products the 14-day delay to notify for retraction starts from the reception of the last product delivered. The return does not apply for products that have been personalized according to your request (products that have been the subject of a request for a specific quote from you) and for products that have already been the subject of an exchange or a significant discount. Custom jewelery (jewelry that has been the subject of a request for a specific quote from you) can not be returned or exchanged. Only a resize of up to 1 size is possible and in accordance with our workshops.

In some cases, upon request, a second exchange within the 60 days trial period may be considered. A fixed amount of 40 € will be asked for the jewel to be repaired and administrative expenses.

Jewelry that has been engraved and Atelier products are not considered as custom jewelry. They are therefore taken back for exchange, refund or large discount within a period of 60 days as mentioned in the conditions of return.

5.2 Conditions for accepting returns
- Up to until 60 days after delivery, We give you the opportunity to return the ordered items if they do not meet entirely satisfy you for a refund, exchange, or resizing.
In the three cases, for the return to be accepted:
- you should  notify us by telephone and strictly adhere to the return process that we communicate to you by telephone and/or by e-mail. Any order returned to our headoffice in Geneva will be refused.
- the products should be returned to us in their complete original package (accessories, magnifying glasses, gloves, packaging, case, instructions...),in perfect condition and accompanied by a copy of the bill and the GIA certificate for concerned diamonds. For any return of earrings the complete pair must be sent us back. In case of incomplete, dirtied, damaged, or broken products Edenly has the right to refuse a total refund. For restoration of a dirty or scratched jewel a 40 € payment will be charged.
- our experts must confirm to you that the product, particularly the setting and the diamonds, is in the state in which it was sent, without modification, damage, or intervention of any kind.
- You will be responsible for the costs of returning the item

Address for returns and after-sales service in the UK

Order number :
Unit 5 Heathlands Industrial Estate
Heathlands Close

Address for returns and after-sales service outside the UK

Order number :
31-53 rue Blaise Pascal
93600 Aulnay-Sous-Bois

Withdrawal form (If you wish to exercise your right to withdraw, you can complete this form and send it by email.)

Edenly SA
Route de Frontenex 86 Bis
1208 Geneva, Switzerland
Hereby I use my right of withdrawal regarding the contract between us for the purchase of the product
Order number:
Name of Purchaser:

5.3 Refund Methods
We will reimburse in 14 days following the return of the product(s) after a deduction of all the reductions, promotions, or gift certificates from which you benefited during your order.
A refund date starts from the date we get the returrned item.
You will be refunded through the original payment method with which you made your purchase (credit card, bank transfer, Paypal, or other) and only to the person who made the payment.
5.4 Reimbursement of difference
If in the 15 days that follow an enacted payment on Our webite, you find the same product on another French Internet Site or in a French store and it respects the conditions below, we will reimburse the difference in price.
The product must possess the following features :
- Exactly the same design
- Superior or equal weight and gold quality or diamond quality
- A guarantee of at least a year, including the eventual price of delivery and any taxes that may apply
- Available immediately, brand new and less expensive,
The price of the product corresponds with the all-costs-included and any kind of reduction for any kind of gift, promotional code reduction or any other limited promotional operation for any kind of sale or liquidation exempted.
Commercial products via the Internet, auctions, placed in private ads or delivered outside of the greater French metropolitan area are not taken into account.

To obtain reimbursement of the difference, it is sufficient to provide:
- A copy of the bill for the order enacted on Our Site
- A copy of the page of the site or the name and contact information of the store in which the same product at a lower price exists

After verification, we will credit you with the equivalent value of the difference between the price of the product you have purchased on our site and the price that you claim on another French site or a store according to the conditions elaborated above.
This offer is limited to one refund per legal residence.

Article 6: Guarantees and Responsibilities

6.1 Guarantees
You benefit from the legal rights with regard to product defects.
Furthermore, for the period of two years the products have a product and service guarantee.
We commit ourselves to reimburse You or provide You with an exchange of Our choice for the defective products that You return to Us during this period.

Cord bracelets don't benefit of the 2 years warranty coverage.

This guarantee will only be granted to you if:
- you have notified us by telephone and you adhere to the return process that we have communicated to you by telephone and/or by e-mail ;
- the defect does not result from abnormal or non-conformative use, from an accidental occurence, or from an external cause(such as the intervention of a third party that is not authorized to the product)
-the item has been used normally or aged;
- the expedition and return costs remain at your expense.
Beyond the 2-year warranty period, invoiced repairs are possible. For this, please don't hesitate to contact our customer service. 
6.2 Responsibility
We renounce any responsibility in the event that the article is delivered without respecting legal restrictions established by the European Community.
We commit ourselves to provide careful and professional service to our clients. Nevertheless, we cannot be held responsible in the event of failing to meet contractual obligations because of internal or external causes according to statues as defined by French law.

Moreover, in case of non-substantial differences between presentation photos and the products on our Site, texts and illustrations and the items ordered, we will not be held responsible.
We do everything in our power to respect all terms presented in the General Sales Conditions. We are responsible for all direct and foreseeable damage at the time of use of our Site or at the end of a purchasing contract between You and Us, however, this compensation cannot exceed the total for your last purchase in any event.

We do not bear responsibility at any time for loss of benefits, possessions or failure to win or any indirect or unforeseeable damage at the moment of use of our Site or at the end of a purchasing contract between You and Us.

Article 7: Retention of property rights

The goods delivered remain our property until their shipment, transfer to the transporter and completion of payment.

Article 8: Access to the Site and Property Rights

We grant you access to and use of our Site for your personal activities. 

In no way are you allowed to download, reproduce, copy, sell, exploit or modify all or a part of the Site (especially listed products, descriptions, price, downloads or copies of database information, browsers, sounds extracts, graphics, images, texts, photos, tools) without our explicit and written consent.
The Site may include links to other internet sites. These other sites are not in Our control and can in no way we be held responsible for accuracy, respect of intellectual property rights, legal, decency or any other aspect of the sites' content.

Article 9: Protection of Personal Data

We commit ourselves to protecting data that is personal to You. All your personal data we have accumulated will be treated with the strictest confidentiality in conformity with our policies put in place for this:
- The personal data that we collect from the information you enter are used exclusively in processing your order under the best possible of circumstances and to offer you appropriate products.
- Your personal data will never be hired, transferred or sold to third parties for any purpose other than the execution of your order, the collection of your feedback on your buying experience and/or the sharing of promotional offers from Edenly.
- You possess the right to access and modify all of your personal information on the secured interface of your account's administration.
- Non-personal data collected from the navigation of users on the site serves to improve the proposed services to our clients, notably the user-friendliness of our site, the products presented or client relations.

Article 10: Applicable Law and Competent Jurisdiction

The present general sales conditions are subject to Swiss law.
All litigations relative to the commercial relationship between You and Us are subject to the competence of Swiss jurisdiction.

Article 11: Identification

Edenly is a commercial label used to designate Edenly SA.
This website belongs to and is managed by Edenly SA.
Edenly SA
15 bis rue des Alpes,1201 Geneva, SUISSE
Registered in Geneva, Switzerland under the reference number : 06221/2008
and under the federal number : CH-660-6014008-4

Swiss VAT number: CHE-114.298.875
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