Refined and precious, white gold jewellery is endlessly elegant.

White Gold Jewellery

Edenly White Gold Jewellery

Edenly has an extensive range of 18 caratwhite gold jewellery. The crisp and classic colour of white gold  is one of the two original colours of luxury. It guarantees class and elegance to those who wear it.

bijoux or blancbijoux en or blancbijoux or blanc

White gold or "grey gold" is made of 75% gold, silver, copper and palladium.

Your Jewellery Case

Edenly's white gold jewellery is guaranteed for a year and delivered to you for free. 
All of our white gold jewellery will be delivered to you in a beautiful case. We have taken great care in the creation of our case in which you receive your white gold jewellery. You will receive:
- A magnificent case to compliment your white gold jewellery
- A jeweller's magnifying glass to guarantee the quality and beauty of your diamond
- Two white gloves symbolic of the respect for your white gold jewellery

bijoux or blancbijoux or blancbijoux or blanc