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Jewelry on Promotion (2162 Jewels)

Edenly is offering you a selection of jewelry on promotion. With low prices throughout the year and promotional offers on many quality jewels, all you have to do is take advantage it. -20%, -30%, -40%, -50% and even up to -60%, Edenly discounts are waiting for you.

Edenly, jewels of quality at the right price!

Edenly makes you enjoy jewelry at the right price continuously. Since 2008, Edenly manufactures and markets its jewelry at the lowest price to allow everyone to buy jewelry at the best price. To make her prices always more attractive, Edenly sells her jewelry online only. Edenly also buys directly from diamond dealers to eliminate intermediaries and negotiate the best rates. As a specialist in gold and diamond jewelery, Edenly benefits from preferential rates thanks to the purchase of raw materials in quantity. A benefit that benefits Edenly customers too.
Optimum prices, quality and high-end design for your jewelry. Edenly’s jewels are designed by inspired designers who express the fairytale and imaginary universe of the Garden of Eden, a source of inspiration inseparable from the Edenly brand. Edenly jewelry translates the magnificence of nature through its animal, plant and floral variations.
Edenly’s jewelery is designed workshops by jewelers who apply traditional working methods of jewelery. The perfect combination of jewelery design traditions with timeless and imaginative aesthetics.
All the jewelery on promotion marketed by Edenly benefits from Edenly's amazing customer service. The Edenly after-sales team is at your disposal if your jewel does not suit you for an exchange or refund.
Also, Edenly promotional jewelry enjoys classic commercial benefits such as free shipping and an additional 20% discount on the second item purchased.
Each jewel on promotion consisting of one or more diamonds is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

Promotions on Edenly Jewelry

Edenly specializes in engagement and wedding rings. You can find on this page engagement rings and wedding rings on sale. Your opportunity to make a good deal for the purchase of a symbolic jewel without trading on quality.

Find a wide selection of jewelry on sale:


For people looking to make good deals for the purchase of their jewelry, Edenly offers promotional offers.

- Jewelry Sales
- Black Friday for jewelry

Find new jewelry on sale on this page dedicated to bargains, regularly. These are not only jewelery from old collections but also current collections; and even new ones to discover and acquire without breaking the bank. Edenly has a constantly renewed collection of jewels and consequently many jewels that benefit from promotional discounts. Access free end-of-series destocking throughout the year and especially do not miss the key dates of summer and winter sales as well as Black Friday.

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Couture ring white gold paved - 11diamonds
Astral Square Earrings - 9K white gold and diamonds
Petite Pampilles - 9K white gold and diamonds
Destiny - Filipino Engagement Ring - 9K White Gold and Diamonds
Valentine ring - 9K white gold and diamonds
Stella - 18K white gold and diamonds