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A gold solitaire ring for your most beautiful declaration of love.

Gold Solitaire Ring

Gold Solitaire Ring

We offer you numerous gold solitaire rings for Valentine's Day or her birthday, but whatever the occasion, a gold solitaire ring is always perfect for any woman.

bague solitairebague or solitairebague or solitaire

The colour of the gold and the size of the diamond may vary according to your wishes. The setting can take dozens of different forms. Basic and eternal, the gold solitaire ring will reflect you in your choice of its characteristics.

White Gold Solitaire Ring

Subtle and elegant, a white gold and diamondsolitaire ring is always of the highest taste.

bague or solitairebague or solitairebague or solitaire 

Yellow Gold Solitaire Ring

Warm and illuminating, the yellow gold solitaire ring is a faultless messenger of your feelings.

bague or solitairebague or solitairebague or solitaire 

Multiple Gold Solitaire Ring

Complex and original, the golds combine on these solitaire rings for a profound effect.

bague or solitairebague or solitairebague or solitaire 

Design Your Gold Solitaire Ring

With the golden setting and the diamond, you can be the designer of the jewellery of your dreams, the jeweller of your desires.
A gift with even more sentimental value, it is a gift in which you leave a trace of yourself. Whether it is a long thought choice or your own creation, offering a gold solitaire ring is an event in itself.

bague or solitaire

If you do not know which gold solitaire ring to offer her, proceed to our ring guide for some help.