Diamonds, the symbol of eternity.


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How To Choose Her Diamond


Every diamond is unique: no two are exactly the same...

 Diamonds come in different weight, size, colour, and purity. This is what we call "the 4Cs" because all these criteria begin with a C: Carat (weight), Cut (size), Colour and Clarity (purity). These are the 4 principal criteria that function to classify a diamond and thus determine its value. 

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Weight (Carat)

The unit of measure for a diamond is the carat. 
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Size (Cut) 

The way a diamond is cut determines its brilliance. 
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A diamond has a colour that is classed from D (uncoloured) to Z (yellow tint). 
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Purity (Clarity) 

The purity of a diamond is evaluated according to fissures inside the stone. 
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A certificate is provided with every purchase of an Edenly diamond
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