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As subtle and elegant as a white gold ring.

White Gold Rings

Edenly White Gold Rings

A white gold ring is a classic piece of jewellery, effortlessly subtle and elegant. Incredibly refined, the white gold colour, along with red, is the original colour of luxury.

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White gold or "grey gold" is made up of 75% gold, copper and silver or palladium, and recovered with a layer of rhodium.

Occasions to Offer a White Gold Ring

The white gold solitaire ring is ideal as an engagement ring, or to celebrate an exceptional event such as an anniversary or a birth.

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Your Jewellery Case

Edenly's white gold jewellery is guaranteed for a year and delivered to you for free. 
All of our white gold jewellery will be delivered to you in a beautiful case. We have taken great care in the creation of our case in which you receive your white gold jewellery. You will receive:
- A magnificent case to compliment your white gold jewellery
- A jeweller's magnifying glass to guarantee the quality and beauty of your diamond
- Two white gloves symbolic of the respect for your white gold jewellery

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