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Solitaire rings, rings for your declarations of love.

Solitaire Rings

Solitaire Diamond Rings

The solitaire ring is the ring for declarations of love "par excellence". It is the ring that a woman never takes off, carrying your love with her everywhere. The solitaire, recognisable very simply as a diamond upon a setting will last forever.

bague solitairebague solitairebagues solitaire

The colour of the gold and the size of the diamond vary according to your wishes. The setting can take dozens of different forms, it can include diamond chips to accompany the solitaire.
Basic and eternal, the solitaire ring will reflect you in your choice of its details.

White Gold Solitaire Ring

Subtle and elegant, a white gold solitaire ring is always in the highest taste.

bagues diamantbague orbague diamant 

Yellow Gold Solitaire Ring

Warm and illuminating, it is the faultless messenger of your feelings.

bague solitairebagues solitairesbague solitaire 

Multiple Gold Solitaire Ring

Complex and original, the golds combine on this solitaire for a serious love.

bague solitairebague solitairebague solitaires 

Design Your Solitaire Ring

With Edenly, you can design your solitaire ring yourself. You choose your setting design, the colour of the gold, the size of the diamond and its quality. With our Create Your Ring option, you can offer her the ring that best reflects you, which resembles your proposal.

bague solitaire