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Wedding rings (613 Jewels)

How to Choose Your Wedding Ring?

The choice of your wedding rings is a singular moment. These pieces of jewellery seal a sentimental commitment and accompany soulmates throughout their lives.

It is possible to be inspired by wedding rings online or in jewellery stores, projecting oneself onto the piece and imagining a particular style of jewellery.

When choosing a wedding ring, it is worth asking the right questions about the aesthetic characteristics:

-Will the wedding ring band be thick or thin?
-Will the lines of the wedding ring be straight or curved?
-Will the design of the wedding ring be classic or unique?
-Will the gold for the ring be yellow, white, or pink?
-Will the diamond be solitary or accompany other precious stones (such as a central diamond accompanied by smaller diamonds on the sides, or a trilogy ring comprised of 3 diamonds, for example).
-Will the crimp be rail, claw, or bar?

It’s typical to offer a solitaire (a ring made with one diamond). In fact, the most popular wedding ring styles for this occasion have a round diamond, which is called a brilliant.

For women, this choice is often guided by the style of engagement ring already chosen and on which the wedding ring will be linked. She will often prefer a gold wedding ring of the same gold colour as her engagement ring or solitaire, and the same, or thinner, ring width to ensure uniformity of aesthetic once worn on the finger.

The choice of a gold and diamond wedding ring, or a diamond-paved wedding ring, will often also be influenced by the style of the existing engagement ring. The choice of wedding rings for men will depend more on the size and shape of the hand, whether it is robust or more slender. It is, thus, possible to play with the thickness of the wedding ring to achieve a more or less visible ring.

What’s more, the diversity of colours of yellow, white, or pink gold will also affect the choice of the type of polishing, whether it is a polished wedding band or a brushed ring. The shape of the ring, which separates a round wedding ring from a square wedding ring, is also used as a distinguishing criterion.

Whatever the aesthetic details of a wedding ring, it is the piece, as a whole, that must be considered. The assembly of singular details is what makes a wedding ring a unique piece.

Classic or creative, fine or large, in yellow, pink, white, or several types of gold, with or without precious stones, you should look to other pieces to discover the style that matches you the best in order to define and refine your criteria.

When it comes to choosing the size of the wedding ring, Edenly can send a ring-sizer to your home, free-of-charge, so that you can choose the exact right diameter for you.

Choosing Edenly for Your Wedding Rings

Edenly is a specialist in the creation and design of wedding rings. Since 2008, we have been crafting and selling wedding rings exclusively via our website. You will not find any Edenly wedding rings in a traditional jewellery store. We have chosen to offer our wedding rings online to allow the greatest number of people to find and buy quality jewellery at the right price. To do this, we continually commit ourselves to a process that allows us to offer wedding rings with an optimal quality/price ratio.

Edenly is able to offer lower prices than most jewellers on the market for wedding rings by optimising our production and marketing costs, as well as by buying diamonds directly from diamond dealers. In selling these wedding rings only on the Internet, Edenly saves money, compared to physical jewellers, and those savings are passed on to you.
Edenly allows you to find and buy a quality wedding ring at the right price.

With a collection of more than 30,000 women's and men's wedding rings, sold throughout Europe, Edenly jewellery has quickly established ourselves as one of the major players in the wedding world. Recognised as a true expert in the gold wedding ring sector, we have had the honour of helping several thousand new couples every year cement their union.

Edenly's expertise in creating wedding rings is based on two key criteria:

-The diversity of our offerings, with an abundance of styles, based around the three colours of gold: yellow, white, and pink, including their karatage of either 18 or 9, their polished or brushed finish, and their setting with or without diamonds.
-The undisputed quality of our jewellery, which testifies to the meticulous know-how and professionalism of our workshops.

Beyond the diversity of styles and our impeccable jewellery know-how, Edenly also offers you competitive advantages with a 20% discount on your second wedding ring, free engraving, free delivery, 2-year guarantee, free cutting or exchange, as well as free reimbursement for 1 month. All wedding rings with a diamond are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. These services and advantages are proof of Edenly's desire to be a committed and accessible brand, close to our customers, as we accompany you through the greatest events in your life.

Edenly is the creator and designer of all the wedding rings we sell. The aesthetics of Edenly wedding rings are imagined by designers who are inspired by the wonderous world of the Garden of Eden. The Garden of Eden offers an infinite number of possibilities to imagine and create high-end wedding rings. The world of the Garden of Eden is characterized by universal floral and plant motifs that suit all personalities.

Edenly wedding rings are designed in the workshop by jewellers who respect the traditions of jewellery making.

Edenly also offers you the possibility to design your own custom-made wedding ring via our online tool, Create. With Create, you can imagine and design a unique and original wedding ring unlike any other. You can freely draw your inspiration from the wedding rings in the Edenly catalogue and add your personal touch, shaping each detail as you see fit.

For any questions or assistance in choosing your wedding ring, we are always at your disposal.

Ring Destiny - Empress - diamond white gold - 0.9 carat
Myriade - Variation - 18K white gold and diamonds
Jungle Sacrée wedding - 4 mm - brushed yellow gold 18 carats
Stella - 18K white gold and diamonds
Wedding Ring Saturn Movement - large model - 3 golds, 3 rings
Valentine ring - 9K white gold and diamonds