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Ring, symbolic and aesthetic ring

The ring is a unique jewel often rich with a strong sentimental value that spans the time the owner wears it. Rings are preserved and sometimes passed down to share a sentimental heritage. A jewel with a story, captures emotions and brings them back to life when looked at. A ring can be characterized by a simple circle or adorned with precious stones. The ring beautifies the hand and often conveys feelings. When worn, the ring can be an aesthetic device or the symbol of a feeling or commitment.As an online Jewelery shop since 2008, Edenly proposes a complete collection of rings for women.

A ring for every woman and for every occasion

Edenly offers rings for women and for every occasion. A ring to celebrate a unique event, a highlight or to illuminate a moment of everyday life. The ring on a woman's finger can be a testament of eternal love when she celebrates an engagement or a wedding. A ring on the finger of a woman can also celebrate birth or a singular occasion like a birthday for example. Edenly's rings for women can represent each event, convey a sentimental message or mark that moment.

Edenly, also has rings that are worn daily. The Edenly jewelry collection is universal, sober and timeless to match the style and nature of every woman. The feminine ring by Edenly can be percieved as classic, contemporary or floral. A profusion of rings to match every personality without skimp on quality.

For ever more authentic models, Edenly can engrave your ring with a word or a name. It is thus possible to give the ring a more personal touch. The engravement of your ring is done free of charge
To design your own custom ring for yourself, Edenly has launched Create, a 3D design module. Edenly combines modernity and respect for tradition as women's rings are made in workshops with a wealth of know-how and experience of more than 40 years.

Edenly offers all women unique rings from an atypical imagination.

Edenly's rings for women

Edenly is inspired by the magical landscapes in nature. An inspiration that comes in many designs that allow each woman to wear a ring that corresponds to her aesthetically and symbolically.The creators of these rings transmit the extraordinary imprint of nature on each model. Each ring is the symbol of a unique femininity.The creators of also diversify the design and proportions of the models. The choice between fine or wider ring models is equal. A diversity of size allows the rings to match every morphology of hands and fingers. Edenly's rings for women are also available in a large majority of sizes large or small.

All Edenly's rings for women are original and are the result of a traditional jewelery making process. Designed meticulously, with each ring set and polished by hand.

The women's rings created by Edenly are all made of gold and diamonds. A material and a gemstone that symbolize excellence in jewelery and materialize the strength of the greatest feelings. From this base of gold and diamonds, the Edenly women's ring collection derives its models thanks to the different gold varieties that are yellow gold, the white gold or pink gold.

The ring can consist of one or more types of gold. The abundance and diversity of Edenly's women rings is also characterized by the different precious stones that surround the rings. Emerald, ruby ​​or sapphire go with diamond to color designs. The combinations of gold and precious stones leave a choice to the tastes and desires of each person. This variety of colors also allows one to pick according to the color of the skin.

Buying for yourself or offering, Edenly's women rings is an opportunity to feel great or make someone else do.