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The lesser inclusions a diamond has (visible or not to the unaided eye), the more pure it is considered to be. The purest of diamonds should not have any visible flaw when magnified 10 times.

The Clarity of a Diamond


Inclusions are internal imperfections of a diamond that can be of different kinds: crystals, clouds, fissures, etc. 
The degree of a diamond's clarity does not depend only on the number of inclusions and of their kind but of their size, visibility and position in the diamond. 
They can thus be more or less visible and have more or less of an impact on the brilliance of a diamond. 

Measurement of the Degree of Clarity

To measure the degree of a diamond's clarity, the international clarity scale is used, which ranges from F (without fault) to I3 (numerous inclusions that are very visible to an unaided eye) :
pureté diamant

On our site, you will only find jewellery containing diamonds ranging from F to SI2 on the international clarity scale, that is to say, stones without inclusions or only with small inclusions that are in no way visible to the unaided eye. To determine the degree of clarity of a diamond, the diamond cutter takes the stone with special tweezers and places it under magnifying glass enlarging it 10 times.