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Single Stone Rings (324 Jewels)

Fleur de Sel - Pearly Tear - 9K white gold and diamonds

Edenly offers its customers a wide selection of diamond solitaires. As an online jeweller, Edenly is a specialist in engagement and wedding rings. We are committed to our customers to offer top-of-the-line diamond solitaires at the best price, always imagined by creative designers and produced by experienced jewellers. Discover the Edenly diamond solitaire collection!

The Particularities of the Diamond Solitaire

The diamond solitaire is characterised by a yellow or white gold ring set with one or more diamonds. It is one of the most classic pieces of jewellery and can be as simple as a ring set with a diamond. However, this simplicity only enhances the sentimental value of this jewellery.

The diamond solitaire is often compared to the engagement ring. The purity of the diamond, and the glitter of the gold, perfectly symbolise the commitment of love. The diamond solitaire is an essential piece of jewellery for a marriage proposal. A high-end piece of jewellery, the diamond solitaire represents authenticity, and it being a valuable precious stone, the diamond used in solitaires demonstrate the uniqueness of that beloved person. Since diamond is the hardest precious stone on Earth, it is a beautiful metaphor for the strength of emotion that unites two people. Diamond is also one of the rarest gemstones, just as rare and precious as your proposal. Representing feelings that will last and stand the test of time, a diamond symbolises eternal, lasting love, and an unforgettable proposal.

Offering a diamond solitaire to your partner during your marriage proposal is a tradition. In the past, after asking the father to marry his future wife, the man would kneel on bended knee, while wearing a pair of white gloves, and present this golden jewellery to his beloved. The engagement ring is, therefore, distinguished by a solitaire diamond, which is then worn on the bride's finger.

Today, the diamond solitaire remains the flagship jewellery of the marriage proposal However, marriage proposals today are often less conventional than they used to be. These proposals are often more creative and original, and this originality is reflected in the diamond solitaires created by Edenly.

Still, wearing a solitaire diamond is not limited to just the symbolism of sentimental commitment. The refined aesthetics of this ring make it a piece that can be worn in many situations, especially during festive events. The diamond solitaire is easily worn in the evening and complements any outfit.

Diamond solitaires are also a great gift for a birthday or to commemorate a new birth.

The Diamond Solitaire by Edenly

The Diamond solitaires come in several forms, including various thicknesses of the ring band, and can be designed with or without diamonds surrounding it.

For people with daintier fingers, it is advisable to opt for a thin ring to avoid altering the perceived length of the finger. For people with long and wide fingers, it is possible to select wider models that will dress the finger elegantly.

It is also possible to "play" with the diamond solitaire size. The larger the size of the solitaire, the thinner the ring may appear.

The diamond solitaire can be either inlaid in the ring or more exposed on the surface of the ring, set in claws. The solitaire diamond can also be surrounded by a paving. The valuation of the diamond on the solitaire can characterise the personality of the person, as well.

There are various shapes of solitaire rings. The diamond solitaire can be round, square, drop-shaped, or even heart-shaped. The stone can be cut into infinite shapes to become even more creative, original, and daring. Edenly designers are constantly innovating to offer modern diamond solitaire rings, while maintaining our Edenly identity, which is inspired by the Garden of Eden and is present in our floral and plant motifs. Our jewellery features contemporary styles that can be adapted to all personalities.

Edenly diamond solitaires are created in our workshop by experienced jewellers. Each piece is carefully set and polished to make a goldsmith's model. Edenly combines tradition and modernity in each diamond solitaire to make exceptional creations.

We offer you our expertise as an online jeweller to help you select the perfect diamond solitaire.

Edenly diamond solitaires are delivered in a high-quality case that is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. Edenly is committed to ensuring optimal sale prices for its diamond solitaires and for its entire jewellery collection. That is why Edenly buys its precious stones directly from diamond dealers. Edenly, the gold-standard in online jewellery, markets its jewellery in many European countries, which allows us to obtain preferential prices. We then pass those savings on to our valued customers through the price of our solitaire diamonds. Edenly ensures the delivery of your diamond solitaire, free of charge. Plus, you can also further benefit from a 20% discount for the purchase of a second piece of jewellery from the Edenly collection.

The Edenly team is at your disposal to answer any questions you may have. As far as the size of the diamond solitaire is concerned, Edenly can send a ring maker, free of charge, to determine exactly the ring size you need. If the size of the diamond solitaire that you bought at Edenly does not suit you, you can send it back, free of charge, and receive a refund, or you may obtain another ring of the right size.

For ever more innovative and unique diamond solitaires, Edenly offers you a tailor-made diamond solitaire creation tool, thanks to Create. Create allows you to imagine and give life to the diamond solitaire you desire, providing every unique person the opportunity to create their unique diamond solitaire.

Find new diamond solitaire styles on Edenly throughout the year. Whether you are looking for an aesthetic and quality diamond solitaire to make a marriage proposal magical, special, and unique, or a diamond solitaire for a gift, or simply as a treat for yourself, Edenly has exactly what you need.

Ring Enchanted Garden - Braid Solitaire - white gold - 0.2 carat - 18 carat
Solitaire Precious Nest - Twig - white gold 9 carats and diamond
Solitaire Ring Origin - Innocence - yellow gold 18 carats and diamond
Ring Enchanted Garden - Solitaire Fresia - yellow gold - 0.20 carat - 9 carat
Solitaire Ring Salty Flower - one ring - yellow gold - 0.08 carat - 18 carat
Precious Nest Solitaire - Ondine - 0.4 carat diamond -white gold 18 carats