Due to the rise in gold, our prices are likely to increase from the 1st May.Due to the rise in gold, our prices are likely to increase from the 1st May.

ORIGINE Nº130Wedding rings - White gold 18 carats - Diamond white ID : 2853 4.6 (102)

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£ 2190
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Radiant White Gold Wedding Band with 38 diamonds - 0.57 carat - 18 carats

This elegant white gold wedding band is completely inlaid with 38 exceptional diamonds. This timeless wedding band is the perfect companion for any type of engagement ring or it can be worn on its own.
38 diamonds: 0.57 carat - White gold (18 carats = 750/-): 1.7 g.
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Origine Collection

The beauty of classic jewelleryis embodied in the Origine collection—the timeless elegance of gold and diamonds for a jewel you will always love.

Origine Nº130Origine Nº130
Origine Nº130
Origine Nº130
A timeless piece
that you will keep
for a lifetime
Radiant White Gold Wedding Band with 38 diamonds - 0.57 carat - 18 carats
Top width (average): 1.6 mm
Top thickness (average): 2 mm
Bottom width (average): 1.6 mm
Origine Nº130Origine Nº130Origine Nº130Origine Nº130Origine Nº78Origine Nº82
White gold
9 or 18 carats
18 carats
Carat weight
0.57 Carats

£ 2190
£ 1970£ 860-57%
£ 2190£ 1200-45%
£ 2190
£ 10310
£ 4610£ 1720-63%
The edenly case
all in delicacy
The edenly case
with a delicate touch

Each of our pieces comes beautifully packaged in a high quality case.

Along with its certificate of authenticity and a ring sizer, your jewellery is all set to be the perfect gift.


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Origine Nº130
Azzedine Rabat MA« Brilliant  »
NicoleMons FR« je suis satisfaite de mon achat et j'espère m'en offrir une autre plus importante vers la fin de l'année.Mes amis l'ont trouvée jolie et discrète »
Christophe Champigné FR« Beau bijou belles finitions correspond à la commande.  »
FegensBonneuil Sur Marne FR« Très jolie, limite parfait. »
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