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Blue Diamond sold for 6.4 million

blue-diamondOn Wednesday 7th April a blue diamond weighing in at 5.16 carats was sold to a London jewellers for 6.4 million dollars in bidding at the Sotherby's auction house in Hong Kong.

A diamond that is categorised by a single word (black, white, brown, blue, pink, green, yellow, purple and red) is categorised as being very very rare. The diamonds that are usually found are almost colourless.

These diamonds with varied colours of different intensities often fetch record bids, as opposed to colourless diamonds which follow the rules of the market.There exists no price chart on the international market for coloured diamonds. Prices can vary from one sale to another.Determining the price or the value of a coloured diamond is a speciality in itself. The most rare and expensive diamond variety is undoubtedly the