The gold, the diamonds, the quality, everything you need to know about the manufacture process of edenly jewellery.

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The edenly manufacture process

edenly creates its jewellery in 18 carat gold and diamonds in its workshops

When the requested piece of jewellery is not immediately available, an order is sent to the jewellers for its production (which takes around three weeks, the jewellery all being made by hand).
The producation takes into consideration the design chosen and also the size when concerning a ring.

A quality control is carried out after the creation of each piece.

see the detailed stages in the jewellery manufacture process

The edenly diamonds

The quality of edenly diamonds

The most well known criteria for analysing the quality of a diamond are its colour and clarity.

1) The colour
The colour of a diamond is measured using an international scale ranging from D (colourless) to Z (yellow tint). At edenly, you will only find colourless or nearly colourless diamonds (D to I).

couleur diamant

2) The purity
To measure the degree of a diamond's purity, the international purity scale is used. This ranges from F (without fault) to P3 (numerous inclusions). At edenly you will only find diamonds graded from F to SI2, that is to say which have no inclusions visible to the naked eye.

pureté diamant

There are other criteria such as the size, the fluorescence, the symmetry, the positioning of the inclusions etc which make up the ID card for adiamond. Like a blueprint, this is unique.

See the diamond guide 

The authenticity certificate

edenly provides a certificate with each piece of its jewellery detailing the weight and quality of the diamonds.

For personalised creations entailing a diamond greater than 0.5 carats, a certificate from an independent laboratory is provided. Edenly works primarily with GIA and HRD.

The origin of edenly diamonds

edenly only uses diamond merchants from within the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme. This guarantees that the diamonds are from legal sources and are conflict free.

The quality of edenly's gold

Pure gold at 24 carats is too soft for the manufacture of jewellery, and is therefore mixed with other metals to harden it.

- 18 carat gold means that in every 24 g of alloy there is 18g or 75.01% of "pure gold". Its is also known as 750/1000.
- 14 carat gold means that in every 24 g of alloy there is 14g or 58.5% of "pure gold". Its is also known as 585/1000.
- 9 carat gold means that in every 24 g of alloy there is 9g or 37.5% of "pure gold". Its is also known as 375/1000.

18 carat gold therefore has more pure gold per gram than 14 carat or 9 carat gold. 

All edenly jewellery is made using 18 carat gold only (except in personalised ring creation where you can choose between 18 carat and 14 carat gold).

edenly provides a certificate which each piece of jewellery giving the precise weight and qualities of the gold.

See the article on 18 carat gold


Gold hallmarks

The hallmarks allow us to certify the quality of gold used in a piece of jewellery by a certain mark. They are the symbols of a quality piece of jewellery 

For 18 carat gold jewellery weighing more than 3 grams, the hallmark is an eagles head, and on items of less than 3 grams a '750' stamp can be found.

Ring engraving

The option of an engraving is free on the edenly site, when the selected item is compatible with an engraving.
After having chosen the size of your ring, you can tick the engraving option and write your desired text.
It is also possible to include symbols such as a heart or the symbol '&'.
Cyrillic and asiatic alphabets cannot be engraved.

We offer three styles of engraving:

- Standard:

- Italic (Only available on creation wedding rings) :

- Double (Only availale on creation wedding rings) :

The size of your ring

In Europe, the average finger size for a woman is 54 (N 1/2) and 62 (T 1/2) for a man.
There are several ways to measure a finger and a ring size.
Print-out online ring sizers are often a source of error.
Edenly offers the free delivery of real ring sizer. You can order one by clicking here.

When undecided between two different ring sizes, it is advised to choose the larger size as fingers increase in size with heat and with age in general.

To surprise your partner, it is possible to find her ring size by measuring the interior diameter of one of her rings. The edenly advisers will be able to tell you what ring size this corresponds to (for example 17mm diameter is equal to a 54 ring size) 

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