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To give jewellery is one of the most generous things you can do for a woman. And to give a diamond, the most beautiful of precious stones, is the most unforgettable.

What Kind of Jewellery is Appropriate for the Occasion?


For engagements, it is customary to give your future spouse a diamond engagement ring, usually a solitaire (ring with a single diamond). The most popular solitaires for this occasion have a round-shaped diamond, which we call "brilliant":

Solitaire rings

But if you really want to blow her away, give her a trilogy, a ring with 3 diamonds:

Trilogy Rings 

Trilogy rings


The wedding ring that you give to your spouse for this special day can be in solid gold (yellow or white) but if you want to make the moment unforgettable, give her a diamond ring. Take a look at our diamond wedding rings : 
Inlaid Diamond Ring

Diamond ring inlaid 

Prong Setting Diamond Wedding Ring

Diamond wedding rings classic prong and channel settings


The birth of a child is a very special occasion. It is customary to give the mother jewellery that completes the gifts you gave her during your engagement. You can give her a necklace, bracelet or earrings, the necklace or the bracelet that goes with the ring she already wears. Thus, for example if you gave her a solitaire with a round form of 0,5 carat for your engagement, you could give her the same solitaire mounted on a pendant or earrings for the birth of your child. 

Wedding Anniversary

Every year, your wedding anniversary is an occasion to commemorate the unforgetable day when you decided to spend the rest of your lives together. On our site you will find ideas for anniversary presents for this occasion. You will be able to blow her away with exceptional diamond jewellery: a bracelet with a river of diamonds, a unique diamond ring that you can personally create...etc. 


You will find many ideas on our site for jewellery gifts for all occasions : Valentine's jewellery, birthdays, Christmas jewellery...etc. You can offer her jewellery to complete her collection or that will allow her to have jewels for every occasion. It is important to know that a woman does not wear the same jewellery for every occasion: she will wear, for example, exceptional items like a bracelet with a river of diamonds for elegant outings, while she would wear diamond studs on a daily basis.