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At first glance, all diamonds appear to be without colour and you might thus legitimately ask yourself why we talk about the colour of a diamond...

The Colour of a Diamond: Colour

In reality, most diamonds possess a light coloring that has an important impact on its price.

The International Colour Scale 

The colour of a diamond is measured with the help of an international colour scale that classifies them from D (colourless) to Z (yellow tint). At Edenly, you will only find diamond jewellery that is colourless or near colourless (from D to H). 

couleur diamant

The Evaluation of a Diamond's Colour 

No device exists to determine the colour of a diamond. Only a specialist is capable of identifying its tint and thus of determining its colour according to the scale presented above. As an aid, he places the stone to be evaluated next to other stones that will serve as references (master stones). For diamonds that are near colourless, the specialist should examine the diamond from its side since upfront, its sparkling will impede the visibility of any tint in colour. 


Beyond their colour in natural light, some diamonds emit a light (usually blue) in the presence of ultraviolet light. These diamonds are considered « fluorescent ». 

In certificates, the fluorescence of diamonds is determined in the following way : 

- "None" : signifies that the diamond is not at all fluorescent.
- "Slight" : signifies that the diamond is slightly fluorescent.
- "Medium" : signifies that the diamond is fairly fluorescent.
- "Strong" : signifies that the diamond is very fluorescent.

Coloured Diamonds 

You should know that diamonds can exist in all colours: pink, blue, red, yellow, black, green, etc. Red is the most rare and thus the most expensive.