My wedding ring turns yellow, what to do ?

The white gold is currently the most appreciated for engagement and wedding rings, sure enough, it’s chic and precious, but it tends to turn yellow over the years. If you are wondering what to do with your wedding ring turning yellow, here are some tips to preserve the beauty of your white gold wedding ring.

Why is your wedding ring turning yellow?

The white gold is an alloy composed by 75% of yellow gold and 25% of nickel, silver or palladium. Yellow by nature, the white gold is rhodium-plated, which gives its brilliant, white look. Rhodium is a precious metal belonging to the platinum family and used for the rhodium-plating. The rhodium-plating is the protecting coat giving the wedding ring the look we are used to. The wedding ring turns yellow because of the use consuming the rhodium coat, letting the natural colour of gold emerge.

What to do with your wedding ring turning yellow ?

Every 2/3 years, it is necessary to take your wedding ring and jewels in yellow gold to a jeweller for a new rhodium- plating, that will give the jewelry their original beauty and brightness back.

What to do to maintain your white gold wedding ring ?

Your white gold wedding ring may be turning yellow, however there are some little maintenance rules that could be useful in order to slow down the process. The white gold needs a special care :

- Do not use abrasive cloths and liquids to clean your rhodium-plated wedding ring,
- Protect it from make up, solvent and cleaners products,
- To clean, avoid alcohol, which is corrosive, and laundry detergents, that leave an oily film on the white gold surface.

To maintain your white gold wedding ring, nothing easier than using some soapy water at 40 degrees celsius. Soak the jewel into the water for around 15 minutes, then brush it with a small soft brush. Finally, rinse the wedding ring with cold water and wipe it. Pay attention: if the jewel has stones, you must wait for the ring to be completely cold in the water before rinsing, in order to avoid any temperature gap. Also, you can finish with polishing: the best thing is to use the lens cloth. That’s it ! If you follow these maintainance rules, your white gold wedding ring and jewelry will be shiny and their beauty preserved from turning yellow as long as possible. And if your wedding ring has turned yellow, do not worry, the jeweller will be able to give it beauty and timeless charme back.