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Metal quality

- 18-carat gold means that in a 24g of alloy, there is 18g, or 75.01%, “pure gold”. It is also called 750/1000 gold. It is the most precious because it contains the most pure gold.
- 14-carat gold means that in a 24g of alloy, there is 14g, or 58.5%, “pure gold”. It is also called 585/1000 gold. It contains less pure gold than the 18-carat gold; it remains beautiful and unaltered with time.
- 9-carat gold means that in a 24g of alloy, there is 9g, or 37.5%, “pure gold”. It is also called 375/1000 gold.This alloy contains the least amount of pure gold out of the 3; however, its beauty and durability will be just as excellent.

Every alloy of Edenly gold has physical and mechanical properties, which ensure a long lifespan. We apply a minimum of 5 microns of polish, which is 3 times more than the jewelry standard, in order to ensure maximum luster and durability. Every Edenly alloy is verified a minimum of 3 times before casting to ensure quality optimization, as well as the mandatory customs inspections. It is then certified by customs and stamped which ensures that it meets the standard composition and is mercury-free. All our alloys are guaranteed 0-mercury, which is a pollutant and an allergen.

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