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Laboratory diamond

Prior to purchase, Edenly offers you, through its "Create" custom creation tool, the possibility of choosing a laboratory diamond for the stone of your engagement ring.

What is laboratory diamond?

Laboratory diamonds are man-made diamonds in laboratory, created by reproducing the natural chemical process at the origin of diamond creation and constitution. This substitution of man for nature represents a major innovation in jewelry, since it dispenses all this work of extraction of diamonds from their natural environment. These laboratory diamonds are also known as cultured diamonds, synthetic diamonds or synthetic diamonds.

diamonds: what's the difference?

Natural diamonds and laboratory diamonds are chemically and visually identical. Their only difference lies in their origin: created intentionally by man for the synthetic diamond, or created in the earth millions of years ago by a combination of favorable and contingent natural circumstances for the natural diamond.

Lab Diamonds: How are they created?

They are created by man who today knows how to reproduce the exact chemical equation by which natural diamonds are slowly formed. A diamond stump is thus placed in a capsule, then subjected to high pressure and high temperature for several weeks before obtaining a so-called synthetic rough diamond which will then be sent for cutting, then put on a jewel.

Are laboratory diamonds real diamonds?

Yes, laboratory diamonds are real diamonds because they have the same chemical composition as natural diamonds. However, it is certain that their origins and therefore their histories are not the same as those of natural diamonds. A natural diamond could have formed millions of years ago in the depths of the earth. It carries in it all the wonder of a natural phenomenon, almost hazardous and miraculous. It tells a story, that of a land from which it comes, and that of time past. An obvious emotional character!
On the other hand, laboratory diamonds will have the advantage of presenting a good alternative in terms of price, insofar as they are on average 30% less expensive because less rare and consequently less valuable.

How to differentiate them?

It is not possible to differentiate them with the naked eye. Only experts can do it. Edenly therefore makes sure to provide you with a certificate of authenticity certifying the type of diamond put on your jewelry. For parts over 0.3 carat a GIA certificate will be awarded including for laboratory diamonds.


In conclusion, the diamond laboratory offers a nice alternative for a smaller budget but will not substitute the precious and emotional character associated with natural diamonds, which have sparkled rocks since the dawn of time.

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