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« L'ATELIER » Nº201319Earrings White gold 18 carats - Blue Sapphire Pear 0.3 Carats (2 X) - Halo Diamond white 5 (3)

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£ 1110
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White gold
9 or 18 carats
18 carats
Carat weight
0.768 Carats

£ 1110
£ 920
£ 1110
£ 1110
£ 1110
£ 1110
£ 1110
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Earrings White gold 18 carats - Blue Sapphire Pear 0.3 Carats (2 X) - Halo Diamond white

L'Atelier jewels are made to fit in our workshops, with particular attention paid to the criteria, lines and specificities that you defined for your jewel.

Our know-how guarantees you a frame with perfect finishes and polishing. The gold and the stones that you receive are certified, and meet our high quality criteria.

Take advantage of this unique creation and customization module to create a customized jewek, as personal as your story.

« L'Atelier » Nº201319« L'Atelier » Nº201319
The edenly case
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The edenly case
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