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Ring Create 162348 White gold 9 carats - Emerald Marquise 0.3 Carats - Ring settings Ruby - Setting Diamond white

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Ring Create 162348 White gold 9 carats - Emerald Marquise 0.3 Carats - Ring settings Ruby - Setting Diamond white

£ 430

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Create jewels are made to fit in our workshops, with particular attention paid to the criteria, lines and specificities that you defined for your jewel.

Our know-how guarantees you a frame with perfect finishes and polishing. The gold and the stones that you receive are certified, and meet our high quality criteria.

Take advantage of this unique creation and customization module to create a customized jewek, as personal as your story.

Collection Origin

Enhancing valuable materials with simplicity plays a crucial role in our creative work.»
Sarah, Design Director

Collection inspiration

Why gold and diamond symbolize eternity?
Technical information>
Technical information
Quality is my absolute priority throughout the manufacturing process. Dozens of quality tests are carried out on each jewel»
Laurent, Production Director
Excellence at each step of the manufacturing process

Color +infoWhite gold
Minimum Quality +info9 carats
Total estimated
weight +info
2.66 g.
Certified Diamonds of high quality
Centre gem +infoEmerald
Cut +infoMarquise
Minimum Weight +info0.3 Carats
Minimum Quality +infoVery Good
Ring settings +infoRuby
Number 2
Minimum Weight +info0.12 Carats
Minimum Quality +infoVery Good
Setting +infoDiamond white
Number 18
Minimum Weight +info0.09 Carats
Minimum Quality +infoHSI
Certified Diamonds of high quality
Every day I make sure every customer is totally satisfied.»
Sabrina Ouarti, Customer Service Manager
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"Committed", our vision of respect
Customer and press reviews>
Customer and press reviews
With over 98% satisfaction and 20 000 orders a year, our customers speak for us.»
Edwin, Managing Director

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