How to choose a baptism medal?

Baptism is a unique and special event, it is the welcoming of a baby that is celebrated by tradition with a precious gift. Edenly advises you here on how to choose a baptism medal, a classic and essential jewel usually offered by the godfather and godmother.

Médaille Vierge à l’Enfant 16mm - or jaune 18 carats - Ref: 955 et Médaille Rameau d’Olivier - laque verte - 4 diamants - or blanc et or jaune 9 carats - Ref: 2733.

Medal for religious baptism

A médaille de baptême religieuse religious baptism medal is a symbolic and timeless gift, a jewel which has to be well chosen as it will accompany the baby throughout his/her life. Edenly offers a nice selection of golden medals with different religious figures. During a Catholic baptism, the religious medal can have Christ, the Virgin Mary, an Angel or a Saint or the Cross.

How to choose the ideal baptismal medal?

As a general rule, for a boy, choose sober religious symbols like an Angel or Christ. For a girl, it is preferable to choose symbols related to sweetness like the Virgin Mary alone or the Virgin Mary and the child. A medal with an angel, dove, olive branch or a cross pendant are mixed jewels, perfect for both. Ideally, the child's jewel should be gold. That being the case, you can opt for a classic model or a jewel with a more modern design in gold, diamonds and lacquer like those proposed by Edenly: here. Other monotheistic religions have their own emblem, it will be enough to adapt the pendant and choose for example a cross of David or a hand of Fatma. But if you do not want to enter the religious field, you can of course privilege or have engraved medals, for example the Tree of Life.

Secular or custom baptismal medal.

For a civil baptism, the solution is to choose a medal or a secular pendant. There are several models: Edenly offers the Little Treasures collection composed of a wide multitude of pretty animals in pairs: a small and a large model (for parent and child) that symbolize nature, life and love. You may also prefer the sobriety of a plaque medal engraved with the child's first name and date of birth or baptism, which makes the gift even more personal. If you want a truly original baptismal medal, you can have fun with Create Emotion from Edenly: an online tool for the creation of tailor-made jewelery. In a few clicks, you can choose the color of the gold, the shape, the finish, the gift being a result of your creativity. You will thus offer a truly unique child jewel, which will forever show your affection for this little one.