High quality certified diamonds

Edenly diamonds 


The quality of the Edenly diamonds

The most famous criteria for judging the quality of a diamond are its colour and its clarity:

1) Colour

The colour of a diamond is measured with the help of an international colour scale that classifies them from D (colourless) to Z (yellow tint). At Edenly, you will only find diamond jewellery that is colourless or nearly colourless (from D to H). 

2) Clarity

To measure the degree of a diamond's clarity, the international clarity scale is used, which ranges from F (without fault) to I3 (numerous inclusions that are very visible to a naked eye) :

There are also other criteria like size,fluorescence,symmetry,position of the inclusions, etc which are all used to create the diamond's certificate, and which is completely unique to each diamond, like a blueprint.
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The certificate

Edenly provides a certificate with all of its jewelry indicating the weight and quality of the stones.

For the customized pieces, with a diamond of over 0.50 carats, a certificate from the International Gemological Institute (IGI), will be provided to you automatically. This is a certificate said to be “closed” where the diamond is sealed in a polyester transparent box. An independent laboratory certificate (GIA or HRD) can also be provided for these items as a double warranty. But, for this, a written request from the laboratory is needed. In that case, it consists of a complementary certificate where the diamonds are delivered enclosed with a laser registration number on the girdle.

The origin of the Edenly diamonds

Edenly only uses diamond merchants from within the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme. This guarantees that the diamonds are from legal sources and are conflict free.