Want to offer her a necklace but don't know which one to choose? Take our advice on how to find the ideal diamond necklace for whatever occasion: Anniversary presents, Valentine’s day presents, etc.

Necklace Guide

1. What Is Her Style?

To be sure of getting it right, you need to find the right gift that matches her taste, be it for your wedding anniversary or to celebrate a special event such as Valentine's Day, Christmas or a birthday. Just have a look at the necklaces she currently wears and answer a few simple questions:

- What kind of gold is it made of white gold? yellow gold? pink gold? or a mix of more than one gold?

- Does she prefer subtle or eye-catching necklaces?
Subtle necklaceEye-catching necklace
- Does she give preference to certain shapes: heart-shaped, geometric or something else?
Heart NecklaceGeometric Necklace

- Are the necklaces she wears mainly classic or trendy?
Classic NecklaceTrendy Necklace

2. Choose Her Necklace

To choose a necklace she will like:

- enter your answers in our solitaire necklaces, composed of a single diamond, or

trilogy necklaces, composed of three diamonds.

- or choose from our large selection of classic or modern necklaces.

3. If you still can't decide...

If you can't answer these questions or are struggling to choose from our selection, you can either:

- Create a gift list with the necklaces you like and send to her friends and family, who will you give their opinion and help you to decide. Click here.

- Or offer her a Diamonds Box, which are gift boxes containing 30 pieces of jewellery to choose from. Jewellery Gift Box.

Alternatively, suggest that she create her own gift list and send to you. Click here.