Want to give her a bracelet but don't know which one to choose? Take our advice in order to find the perfect one.

Bracelets Guide

1. Establish Her Taste

To be sure to please her, you have to find a bracelet to suit her taste. In order to do this, all you have to do is observe the bracelets she wears and answer the following questions :

- What kind of gold are they made from: white gold? yellow gold? pink gold? or a mix of several golds ?

- Does she prefer a supple or rigid bracelet?

2. Choose Her Bracelet

To choose the bracelet of her liking:

- indicate your responses to the questions above on our gift idea search engine which will suggest bracelets that suit her taste

- or choose to offer the classic diamond bracelet

3. If You Still Can't Decide...

If you can't answer these questions or can't decide from among the necklaces we suggest, you can:

- create a Gift List with the necklaces you like and send to her friends and family, which will allow them to give their opinion and help you to decide. Click here.

- or offer her a Diamonds Box, gift boxes containing 30 pieces of jewellery to choose from. Jewellery Gift Box.

- or suggest that she create her own Gift List and send to you. Click here.