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Together Let’s Support

With the help of its customers, Edenly supports the causes of Child Protection, de female emancipation and Environmental Protection.

In order to join us to support these causes, you can promote, if you are completely satisfied with our services.

Together we celebrated

Edenly Daily Routine

It may seem trivial, but by changing a few things in our everyday lives, the impact can be significant - especially if we do it together. The Edenly team decided to review its daily routine (office life, relations with our suppliers, partners, customers ...) to determine points where we could improve by adopting a more responsible attitude. This is why we now share one or more specific topics per month with you and hopefully these will make your world a little better. It's not perfect yet, but we're always trying to improve ourselves

Respect for environnement

Here is what we have already put in place

    - Printing of our delivery notes on quality recycled paper (certified FSC, from Responsible Forest)
    - Replacement of plastic boxes with wooden boxes, more qualitative and recyclable
    - Replacement of boxes with gift bags
    - Grouped packages for customers
    - No paper submission of invoices (downloadable in the customer account
    - Rigorous sorting of our papers and a "Stop Pub" sticker on our mailboxes
    - Unsubscribe from paper magazine distribution lists
    - Replacement of all bank administrative papers
    - Putting off 100% of energy consumers every day
    - Deleting unnecessary emails

And our goals in progress

    - Migrating onto a "100% paperless" accounting process (no more invoices on paper, but in digital form)
    - Removing all desktop printers
    - FSC recycled wooden cases
    - Challenge to continuously reduce electricity consumption in offices and workshops
    - Continued environmental control with our suppliers

Human Respect

Here is what we have already put in place

    - Only Stone Providers Respecting the Kimberley Treaty
    - Courtesy, respect and listening to all contacts and clients
    - Possibility of working remotely for employees
    - Possibility of working part-time for employees
    - "Mother's afternoon" once a week offered for three months following a maternity leave
    - Interest in the results of internal and external collaborators

And our goals in progress

    - Ensuring human respect with our suppliers
    - Participation in benefits of associations
    - Continue reducing our prices and margins
    - Continue to anticipate problems and transparency vis-à-vis our customers
    - 1 day per month offered to employees for humanitarian or environmental association