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The ring is an icon of feminine jewel by definition!By offering a ring, you reinforce the preciousness of your gift. The ring is indeed a statutory jewel, demonstrative, and even declarative. You could choose a fine frame for a refined and delicate creation that can also be superimposed on others, or opt for a larger frame for a jewel full of character.


The necklace is the ideal gift, since it is not subject to variation in size and does not require knowing the metric of the person to whom it is intended.A delicate jewel around the neck, which accompanies with sensuality the movements of the bust, giving a feminine and elegant touch.


A bracelet, two, three, ... these can accumulate on the wrist and superimpose themselves! As such a new bracelet will never be too much. The bracelet will always be this jewel resolutely feminine and delicate that tinkles and lives to the rhythm of our gestures. Also practical gift, since it is not subject to variations in size. Edenly bracelet chains more so offer two clasp rings positioned a few centimeters from each other on the chain; they will thus make it possible to adjust the chain according to the preferences.
  • Folding Heart Bracelet - 3 golds
    £ 310£ 220
  • Yellow Gold Diamond Bracelet - Consensual Hearts - 9 carats
    £ 310£ 220
  • Infinity bracelet - Pink gold and diamonds - 9 carats
    £ 510£ 320
  • Bracelet Genesis - white gold - rough diamonds
    £ 530£ 310
  • Eclosion Bracelet - Roses Crown - diamonds - 9 carat pink gold
    £ 320£ 230
  • Bracelet Enchanted Garden - Foliage Royal - Yellow gold and diamonds - 18 carat
    £ 710£ 450
  • Radiant Yellow Gold Bracelet - 15 diamonds
    £ 520£ 360
  • Constellation Bracelet - Gold - Diamonds
    £ 570£ 360
  • Jungle Sacrée Rigid Bracelet - diamonds - 18 carat pink gold
    £ 1780£ 910
  • Bracelet Elegance - white gold and diamonds - 9 carats
    £ 1160£ 590
  • Bangle Bracalet Diorama - Little Diamond Bar - Pink gold - 11 diamonds
    £ 1920£ 910
  • Bangel Bracelet Saturn Duo - yellow gold - 9 carats
    £ 1550£ 770


Earrings are collected! As such, receiving a new pair as a gift is always pleasant. Indeed, earrings are the most interchangeable jewelry from one day to another, in the sense that they match a specific outfit, and complete a look. And to be able to change earrings regularly, it takes several models in a jewelry box, whether chips, creoles or hanging chain loops.Note, Edenly earrings are only intended for pierced ears.