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Create your Halo ring with Edenly Create

What is a “halo” ring?

The english word “halo” means light crown. The definition well explains the design of our gold rings in which small diamonds or other precious stones surround a central stone. Indeed, in the Halo ring, small precious stones form a halo around a center stone, which gives it volume and importance enhancing at best its brightness. Halo frames usually have a diamond set as a center stone, but this gem can be replaced by colour stones such as a sapphire, a ruby, an emerald and others more...

Halo rings, on what occasion?

For a number of years, the halo ring has been a trendy jewel and a popular choice. This because its appealing design is perfect to enhance any type of central stone. Therefore, Halo ring can be worn as an engagement ring and as a special jewel. The shape of stones can be different, round, oval, princess, marquise, radiant, pear, etc.... An original ring, perfect for a marriage proposal or a magnificent precious present.

Create Engagement Ring 170008 white gold 9 carats - diamond white round 0.5 carats - Halo diamond - setting diamond white.

Bagues Halo Create Engagement.

Bague Create Engagement 170008 or blanc 9 carats - diamant rond 0.5 carat - halo diamant - sertissage diamant.

Bagues Halo Create Engagement.

Create your Halo ring with Edenly CREATE

Thanks to its tool Create and its new functionality “Halo”, Edenly offers you a wide selection of customizable Halo rings. The online 3D modelling tool Create is for those wishing a unique, original jewel and allows you to create your custom-made ring just as you want it. The creation process of your Halo ring is simple and intuitive. Different steps allow you to determine the following elements:

- The centre stone (type ans shape of stone),
- The frame (colour of gold, setting stones, halo stones)...

Diamond, ruby, sapphire, emerald, round shaped, princess, marquise, oval, in yellow gold or in white gold... With CREATE, you can express your creativity choosing among thousands of original combinations to create your dream Halo ring.