Which jewelry is delivered in 3 days?

Only jewelry that has been created in advance. As soon as we receive and verify your order, we ship it via a carrier, who will deliver it to you at the indicated address within a maximum of 3 days.

Why isn't all jewelry delivered in 3 days?

We have over 2,000 models, with rings available in 24 sizes, some of which are sold over 20 times per week. To be able to deliver all jewelry within 3 days, we would need to prepare over 100,000 pieces of jewelry in advance. This would use up a lot of gold and diamonds and force us to increase our prices. We do not want to do this.

How can delivery take several weeks

Jewelry that is not immediately available must be created from scratch, from preparing the wax for the mold, to melting the gold, setting stones, polishing, compliance testing, and stamping. This takes several weeks. To learn more about the manufacturing of Edenly jewelry, click here

Could there be manufacturing delays?

In 99% of cases, no. However, it is possible, that at the end of manufacturing, we are not fully satisfied with the piece and would prefer to remake it. In these very rare cases, we will notify you immediately and work with you to find a solution.

Can you shorten the manufacturing period?

Unfortunately no, due to the numerous manufacturing steps and quality tests. If the delivery time does not work for you, your best option would be to select one of the "express" jewelry items available.

Why are there intermediary delay periods?

These are for jewelry pieces currently in the process of being manufactured.

Where can I view delivery dates?

They are shown next to the jewelry size on the product page. When no delivery date is shown, this means that the reference is not in stock and therefore the delivery will take several weeks. The exact delivery date will be shown below the buy button on the product page as well as in your cart.

How can I see all jewelry that can be delivered in 3 days?

Just select "express" and choose your ring size (as availability varies depending on your size), or "one size" for other jewelry.

I have a deadline for giving this jewelry, where can I see jewelry available now?

If your deadline is in 3 days, just select "express" as indicated above. If it is over 3 days away, you can select your deadline after clicking on "express" and also see pieces currently being manufactured.