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How to clean gold and diamond jewelry?

How to clean gold and diamond jewelry?

Cleaning gold and diamond jewelry at home is a fairly simple and very useful process. To clean your diamond ring, soak the jewel in a bowl of hot soapy water for 30 minutes. Then brush it with a small soft brush and wipe it with a soft cloth. You can replace the soap with a little baking soda, the result will be the same. Finally, it is also possible to rub your diamond jewel with wadding soaked in alcohol. Other tips are also available to clean jewelry. For example, gently brush your diamond ring with some toothpaste or baking soda and rinse it off. It should be noted that these techniques are effective for jewelry in yellow gold and diamonds but they are, conversely, not recommended to clean pink gold jewelry or white gold, as well as other precious stones.

What treatment for what color of gold?

By being worn, your wedding ring can lose some of its rhodium layer and yellow. To clean it better and make it shine as much as it did when you got it, it is best to do a professional consultancy at a jeweler. We talk about Rhodium plating. It is recommended to do this Rhodium plating every 4-5 years. Conversely, there’s no easier way to clean your pink gold ring than using a cloth soaked in water and ammonia. And for your sapphire ring or pearl necklace? To clean all jewelry with stones other than diamond, it is recommended to contact a jeweler.

Finally, know that all Edenly jewelry have a 2 year guarantee so do not hesitate to send us your jewel for a little free refurbishment!
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