White gold, yellow gold, pink gold : what to choose for your wedding ring ?

Choosing the colour of gold for your wedding ring may be a real dilemma, especially because we are talking about a jewel « for life » : white, yellow or pink, what to choose for your wedding ring ? The choice of colour depends in the first place on your personal style and tastes, but some elements may be taken in consideration in order to choose your perfect wedding ring. Yellow and white gold are more traditional choices while the pink version of this precious metal has been rather trendy over these past years.

Choosing a pink gold wedding ring

Pink gold is less cold than the white one and more original than the yellow. The pink colour comes from a bigger proportion of copper in the metal alloy. Sweet and delicate, the pink nuance looks good with all skin tones, particularly enhancing the darkest ones. Pink gold suits both men and women giving the wedding ring a touch of originality. Furthermore, the pink nuance is a perfect match with diamonds and many other precious stones. If you wish to match your wedding ring with your engagement ring, we suggest choosing the same colour of gold but it’s not a rule. In case you prefer to combine different colours of gold, the pink one is a good macht with the white one. Pink gold is also very strong, it hardly scratches so it’s perfect for a daily wear.

Choosing a white gold wedding ring

White gold is a modern choice. Chic and precious, it enhances colourless stones with an elegant tone-on-tone. White gold is perfect if you wish a wedding ring with diamonds or to match it with your solitaire. On the other hand, being the white gold a rhodium- plated alloy of yellow gold and nickel, the rhodium gets yellow with the passing of the years. So you’ll need a rhodium-plating to be made by a jeweller every 3/5 years, being it the only useful treatment to restore the radiance and the colour of white gold. Find here our care suggestions for white gold jewelry >.


Choosing a yellow gold wedding ring

A yellow gold wedding ring is a traditional yet popular choice. Yellow gold is a timeless metal that never goes out of fashion, a classic of jewelry that combines well with any type of precious stone (diamonds, colour stones). Its warm nuance – the purest the metal, the more intense the yellow – looks perfect with any skin tone. Yellow gold is also a strong metal very easy to take care of, contrary to the white one. Dipping it into hot soapy water is enough to restore its brightness : if you don’t feel like taking regularly your white gold wedding ring to a jeweller, you’d better choose a yellow gold ring!

Choosing a 3 golds wedding ring

Are you in trouble with the choice of your wedding ring colour ? Does your future bride/groom love yellow gold while you prefer the pink one? Are you looking for an original wedding ring ? Don’t panic, you can reach a compromise with matching wedding rings in 2 or 3 golds. Edenly proposes different models which have a pure design enhanced by the perfect balance of the golds, with or without diamonds. Finally, the most important suggestion in the choice of your white, yellow or pink gold wedding ring is to follow your taste and feelings, the best guides to recognize a symbolic lifelong jewel.