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The fashion of having jewellery in the hair...

tiare-libellule-edenlyBecause everyone sees it sparkling when it sparkles in your hair... beautiful head jewelleryis beginning to adorn our evenings and nights out and to dress up our outfit at the beach or in town... Painted gold, silver or any other colour... Precious or more fanciful... They are the new idolised accesory of the stars and trendy girls. More >>>

Bloggers, stylists and celebrities have all started wearing jewellery in their hair. Jewellery for all occasions and budgets, with designs from pearl headbands to real jewellery made from gold and diamonds.
Here are some of them:
asos-perlesASOS headband around the head with pearls.To wear in the evening, to dress up a short black or skin-colour dress. It avoids too much jewellery round the face.
chaine-asosMetal ASOS headband.Perfect for everyday wear, to dress up sportswear, to go with shorts and a blouse or even baggy trousers with gladiator sandals.
urbanoutfiterUrban Outfitters Headband.For a floral finish to an outfit, whether it is a short dress or a meadowsweet flower look when wearing a cotton tank top with a layered skirt.
peigne-chanelChanel jewellery comb.Just imagine it in a bun, half wild, half sophisticated to accomopany either a flowing dress which is full of colour, or a black or beige fitted dress with a sophisticated cut.
tiare-libellule-edenlygold and diamond edenly tiara.For a beautiful marriageor to be the princess of the evening... Dazzling, chic and summery to transform us all into Greek goddesses, who are