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My personal edenly favorites for today... <3

diamond wedding ring
Compromise Ring, a delicate ring and a modern wedding ring, it is contemporary and minimalistic.
unique diamond ring
Braided Ring, a classic that takes the trilogy theme for a voluminous and elegant effect.
diamond paved ring
Well, 'yes', you may say, 'but that one must be expensive'... 'Well, really the price just reflects its weight in gold and the number of diamonds' I would say..... :)
pink gold wedding ring
Another wedding ring?? Are you thinking of getting married or something?! No not at all! Lets just call it a ring and thats the end of that... and I like rings me :) pink gold too, and also little hearts and diamo... enough?Well there you have it, thats my selection of must haves for the dayOnly rings?! Yep.